Elemental Yin Yoga

Elemental Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga based on Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element theory.

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Elemental Yin Yoga

6 Videos

  • Elemental Yin Yoga Wood | Detox & Balance | Spring

    Spring is here and many of us are ready to shed our winter coats.
    Today's elemental Yin Yoga practice focuses on the Chinese Element of wood which is all about new growth. The element of wood is also related to the Liver/Gallbladder meridians helping us clear out the old, prepare for the new ...

  • Elemental Yin Yoga Earth | Grounding & Centering | Late Summer Bliss

    Our 40 minute Yin Yoga practice today is focused on the element of earth - often associated with late summer, slowing down, savoring the days, grounding. It is also associated with the Spleen/Stomach meridians - helping us digest better and prepare for the fall/winter seasons ahead. Slow down, ...

  • Elemental Yin Yoga Metal | Autumn | Quieting

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Metal element peaks in Autumn - a natural time of quieting and turning inward. Many people find they become more introspective and nostalgic during this season and it's a great time to work with your creative side (coming up with new ideas and plans for the w...

  • Elemental Yin Yoga Water | Flow with Grace | Winter

    In our practice today we focus on the Kidney/Bladder meridians, the element of water and the season of winter. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this season/element are the peak of the Yin cycle - the time of turning inward, connecting to ourselves deeply, and flowing with our natural rhythms.

  • Elemental Yin Yoga Fire | Heart Meridian | Summer

    The element of fire is associated with summer, the heart and small intestine meridians and the heart chakra. In this practice we focus on opening and balancing the Heart and Small Intestine meridians that run on the inner seam of the arm, into the neck and chest. Focusing on these meridians can...

  • Elemental Yin Yoga 5 Elements | Full Body Yin

    Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element theory is a beautiful cyclical supportive and regulative theory. Today ( in our 65 minute Yin practice) we are moving through that cycle in it's entirety - beginning with Spring/Wood element and moving through the year and the cycles to end in Winter/Water ...