Titles Available for Purchase

  • One World | New Moon Live Yoga Flow

    1 video  |   Buy $12.99

    Release the old and invite the new...

  • 5 Yamas
    6 videos  |   Buy $54

    5 Yamas

    6 videos  |   Buy $54

    Yin Yoga to explore the Yamas of yoga philosophy...

  • New Moon Live Yoga + Meditation Bundle

    19 videos  |   Buy $165

    Join me for 19 beautiful practices (55-75 mins) with affirmations, breath work, guided meditation/yoga nidra, and readings (poetry and more) - themed to help guide you through the New Moon and connect you more deeply to the energy of each lunar cycle.

    Filmed live online. Includes 19 full length...

  • Elemental Yin Yoga - Exploring the Elements

    11 videos  |   Buy $85

    Join me for 11 Yin Yoga practices based on Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element theory - exploring the element of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water in your body and in the seasons. Bringing awareness, breath, movement, stillness and balance...

    Deepen your understanding of these elements and...