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  • Beltaine Cacao Ceremony 2022

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    Beltaine is one of the fire festivals celebrating the beginning of the planting/harvest season and the fertility of the earth. Traditionally communities would gather together and light great bonfires to clear old energy, bring positive energy to themselves, their homes and their livestock. All ...

  • New Moon Restorative Yoga | You Are Enough

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    Affirmation: I let go of limiting beliefs and I choose to trust myself.

    Join me for this New Moon Restorative Yoga practice where we soften, release, and allow - remembering that we are enough right here in this moment. Wending through our practice is the theme of Santosha - contentment - and ...

  • Yin Yoga | The Way Out Is In

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    "The way out is in." Thich Nhat Hanh

    This is a powerful quote taken from a speech made by Hanh and while it was in a speech related to environmental issues, it holds SO much more.

    The answers are inside of us, we begin with ourselves first, know our inner self, explore our inner landscape. Al...

  • 360° Hips | Yin Yoga for Emotional Release/Healing

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    In this practice we dive deep into the hip area, release tension, tightness, and yes - our emotional history. This is the area most dense with connective tissue and most known for holding onto so much. We spend lots of time in long holds, exploring, breathing, being present as we loosen up the ...