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Minimal Cues Yin Yoga | METAL | Introspection

Elemental Yoga (25 class pack) • 35m

Up Next in Elemental Yoga (25 class pack)

  • Metal Element Restorative Yoga

    The element of Metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine is related to fall/autumn and the lung/large intestine meridians located in the arms/chest/upper shoulders. In this practice we soften, support, and use the poses to get deep into these tissues to make more space.

    Props: 1-2 blankets (blanke...

  • Elemental Yin Yoga Water | Flow with ...

    In our practice today we focus on the Kidney/Bladder meridians, the element of water and the season of winter. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this season/element are the peak of the Yin cycle - the time of turning inward, connecting to ourselves deeply, and flowing with our natural rhythms.

  • Yin Yoga for Introspection | Kidneys ...

    The Winter Solstice is a time for turning inward, softening, exploring the Yin side while releasing and allowing yourself to listen to your inner voice. Join me for this 65 minute Yin Yoga practice where we settle, breathe, soften, and release - allowing ourselves to simply BE.

    We will be w...