Yoga 10-25 Minutes

Yoga 10-25 Minutes

Need a little yoga but don't have a lot of time? This playlist is for you. Everything from Restorative to Yin to Flow.

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Yoga 10-25 Minutes
  • 20 Min Evening Yoga | Deep Back Stretch

    For all of you who sit for hours on end, are on your feet carrying heavy weight, working outside or in the yard - this practice is for you! Many people, near the end of the day, have back pain and/or discomfort from living our lives the way we do. Here's a little evening yoga practice to help s...

  • 10 Minute Sound Bath | Crystal Singing Bowls

    Settle in, soften and enjoy this 10 minute sound bath using crystal singing bowls.

  • Upper Body Stretch & Weight Training Practice

    Many of us have less upper body strength and as we age, we lose this muscle tone faster. To keep our bones and muscles strong and our bodies toned, we need to use light weights with higher repetitions of exercises.

    This is my own personal 3x a week upper body weight training practice. You can ...

  • You Are Worthy | Yoga Nidra for Self Love

    You are divine, beautiful, perfect, and worthy of all that the universe has to offer. Join me for yoga nidra to reconnect to your inner sense of worth and give yourself some self love.

  • 15 Min Neck Stretch & Release

    A great practice to use every day for just 15 minutes to relieve tension headaches, release tension, and mobilize your neck. We use a little stretching, some myofascial release, and massage to help you feel better fast!

    Props: 1 block and 2 myofascial release balls or tennis balls in the bag o...

  • Yoga for Compassion Fatigue | Honoring Your Energy

    Many of us will face days where we want to practice, need to practice, need to move our bodies somehow but we feel depleted, exhausted, and deeply fatigued. Whether that be physically, emotionally, or mentally (or all of the above), we can practice self care by honoring our energy as well as bal...

  • 15 Minute Bedtime Yoga for Hips

    At the end of a long day spent sitting a lot or really active can make it hard to settle down and sleep comfortably. But, if you take just 15 minutes on your bed, you can unwind tension in your hips - allowing you to sleep soundly with less back and hip pain. Join me before bed for a little unw...

  • Bedtime Restorative Yoga for Deep Peaceful Sleep

    Your day is done and you are ready to settle down for the night but you still feel a little of the days energy and tension. Join me for a sweet bedtime practice you can do in bed with your pillows - a practice to unwind, soften, release, and invite deep healing and restorative sleep.

    Props: 2 ...

  • Pranayama Circle Breath for Clarity & Oxygenation | Long COVID Energy Balance

    Circle breath is a great way to bring greater oxygenation to your body, clear brain fog and balance your energy overall. In this practice we explore circle breath, how it works, how to build on it, and how it can be used anywhere, anytime to help you feel more clear and fully oxygenated.

  • Pranayama for Long COVID Colds Flu | Deeper Breaths

    If you have been living with long COVID, a long term illness that has affected your ability to breathe deeply, flu or a cold or anytime you feel your breath restricted (even anxiety and panic attacks) - this is a practice for you.

    We begin reclined and work our way through deeper and more effo...

  • Pranayama | Honoring Spirit Through Breath

    Spirit, Divine, Life Force - whatever you call it, this is what fills each of us with life. It is our true self.

    Join me as we explore our breath as a guide to the Spirit within - using the concepts of qi and prana as the basis for practice.

  • Ishvara Pranidhana Dharma Chat | Surrender

    What does surrender mean to you? If you are like most, the concept of surrender is one of the hardest to understand and explore in your own life. Ishvara Pranidhana is the fifth Niyama in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and is often translated as surrender to the divine. Join me as we discuss what it c...

  • Mindful Yoga for a Beautiful Day

    Who doesn't want to embrace a beautiful day full of sunshine, light, bird song, and potential? Join me for this slow, mindfully connected full body practice where we move intentionally and gently to begin our day.

    Props: blanket for knees if needed

  • Breath Awareness Meditation (with birdsong)

    Take a few moments today to settle into your breath, mindfully connecting to your body, the earth, and being fully present. Enjoy my backyard along with some birds singing - you requested this meditation and I am so happy to offer it!

  • Full Body Morning Yoga for Presence

    Grounding and centering with breath and movement we take a little time outside in my garden to slowly, and mindfully open the entire body. Need a standing yoga flow to start your day and get your body ready? Join me on the mat for some sweet birdsong and my backyard flowers!

  • Yoga for Hip Flexor Opening & Deep Release

    Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, spend long hours sitting in a chair or seat - this practice will help you open up this space that can get super sticky. It can also release your back a bit and may relieve back pain.

    Perfect for every week to deepen your yoga practice OR just feel mo...

  • Honoring Your Emotions Meditation

    This was one of the hardest questions I had to answer for myself as I processed my emotions. Sometimes when we are super busy living our lives, taking care of others, giving of ourselves so much - we disconnect from our feelings. In this meditation, we come back to how our emotions and feelings...

  • A Gratitude Morning Meditation

    Good morning! Welcome to a new day - a day filled with possibility! Join me for this 5 minute meditation to set the tone for you day - beginning with gratitude. Starting your day with gratitude can open your eyes to the beauty around you, connect you to the present moment, keep you grounded an...

  • Yoga Nidra to Return to Your True Essence

    Sometimes we forget who we are - life swirls all around us with distracting and contradictory ideals. But, at the heart of us is a place of truth and we can reconnect, recenter, and spend time here. Join me for this Yoga Nidra practice to help you return to your true essence - LOVE.

  • Core on the Floor | Side B | Core Strength & Awareness

    The core is one of THE most important areas of our bodies - and one of the spaces we don't love working out. The core helps hold us up, protect our back, support every movement we make, hold our organs in place, and more. Today we are working the Side B or prone positions for core where we are ...

  • Core on the Floor | Side A | Hands Free Core Strength & Awareness

    Our core is a powerhouse that keeps us upright, supports our back, allows us to move in so many different ways, and holds our organs in place. And, it's often one of the weakest areas of our bodies - especially as we age. Whatever your core condition - this class is for you. We stay on the flo...

  • Full Body Standing Yoga | Air Element

    Need a full body flow to open up space for deeper, fuller breaths? How about no wrists, hands, shoulder weight or step backs?

    Perfect for anyone, anytime - this little "flow" practice is slow movement to connect to your breath and the element of air all while releasing tension and tightness t...

  • Nadi Shodhana Alternate Nostril Breathing | Advanced Practice

    Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing has many different variations and we have explored them here (checkout the other pranayama practices) but in this practice we deepen our experience of "the pause". The pause is not only helpful for our bodies but it teaches us to be okay with transiti...

  • Yin + Breath | FIRE

    Welcome to Yin + Breath - practices melding breath techniques with Yin and a little bit of intuitive flow! In our practice today we are inviting a bit of fire in - to burn off what we don't need, to help us step into our personal power, and to light us up. We work with the Yang poses of the Yin...