First Aid Yoga Kit

First Aid Yoga Kit

Myofascial release, Yin and Hatha yoga blended together to give you quick relief from pain and soreness. Also includes quick essential oil recipes and tips to help you in your daily life. Great for preventive care too!

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First Aid Yoga Kit
  • Upper Body Stretch & Weight Training Practice

    Many of us have less upper body strength and as we age, we lose this muscle tone faster. To keep our bones and muscles strong and our bodies toned, we need to use light weights with higher repetitions of exercises.

    This is my own personal 3x a week upper body weight training practice. You can ...

  • 15 Min Neck Stretch & Release

    A great practice to use every day for just 15 minutes to relieve tension headaches, release tension, and mobilize your neck. We use a little stretching, some myofascial release, and massage to help you feel better fast!

    Props: 1 block and 2 myofascial release balls or tennis balls in the bag o...

  • How to Use a Bolster in Your Yoga Practice (My 5 Favorite Ways)

    Bolsters can serve a lot of purposes from supporting you and helping you release fully to deepening your pose and practice by supporting certain areas so you can move deeper in others. Join me today for my 5 favorite ways to use a bolster in my own practice (and maybe Lucy will make a video of h...

  • Vagal Toning Techniques for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

    I continue to learn new ways to work with anxiety and panic attacks and build better nervous system resilience. Today I offer a couple of simple practices to use anytime - even if you are not super anxious, so you can build a toned and resilient autonomic nervous system. The vagus nerve bundle ...

  • Yoga Stretch for Elbow Strength & Mobility

    We don't often think about our elbows...until they don't feel great. What if we would take a few minutes to give them a massage, move them through their range of motion, and strengthen the muscles around them as well as build awareness? Healthy elbows begin here...

    Props: something comfortabl...

  • Yoga Stretches for Rotator Cuff Strength & Mobility

    Rotator cuff injuries are one of the top injuries as we age - whether it be because of overuse, changing bone structures, or hauling a suitcase overhead (and yes, I know some who have injured it exactly like this). To protect our shoulders, we can build some basic movements into our lives to mai...

  • Rotator Cuff Yoga for Strength & Mobility

    Rotator cuff injuries happen more often than we would like to admit - often from acute injury (lifting overhead of swinging a heavy object overhead), repetitive use, or the simple fact that as we age sometimes our bones grow little "spurs" that can make the shoulders painful. So, let's keep this...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Foot Care, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Care

    A little session that you can do while eating breakfast, watching tv or even at your desk to improve your arch, foot lift and integrity of the foot while releasing tension and providing relief for tired feet.

    Props: 1 tennis ball or golf ball (can be used cold for extra relief)

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Midday Stretch at Your Desk

    You don't have to get on the floor or have a yoga mat to benefit from a midday yoga stretch! Just 10 minutes in your chair - breathe, stretch, release tension and refocus!

    Props: a chair!

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Tension Headaches

    Tension headaches happen to everyone at some point and more often than not, they are caused by tightness or stiffness building up in the upper neck and skull. Try this short little roll out to see if you can release some of that tension (might want to do it more than once a day until the tension...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Neck Knots

    Some days I wake up with a huge crick in my neck. Whether it be how I slept, something I did the day before, or just muscles getting cranky, a good stretch can do wonders for helping iron out the knots. Join me as we stretch the entire neck and give it a little mobility! No props required.

  • First Aid Kit | Foot Pain | All About the Feet

    Feet hurt? If you have been standing, walking, running or on your feet a lot recently, your feet might not be too happy. How about a little foot love and stretching to help keep your feet happy? No props required!

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Wrists & Hand Soreness

    Keyboarding, chopping, gardening, playing a musical instrument - just to name a few - are all things that can make our hands and wrists feel very sore and tight. Taking the time, either mid activity, or on a consistent basis can dramatically reduce the soreness and pain from our activities and m...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Lower Leg Aches

    So much of our day is spent standing on hard floors and that can cause some tightness and aching in the lower legs/calves. Releasing that tension can help soften the ache, reduce muscles freezing up and relax your entire leg. Join me for this lower leg focused practice to help release.


  • First Aid Yoga Kit | TMJ & Jaw Release

    If you are someone who holds tension in your jaw, suffers from tension headaches or grinds your teeth, you might need to release this area often. In this practice we open up the jaw, allow for natural release, make space and give ourselves a little facial massage.