New Moon Yoga

New Moon Yoga

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New Moon Yoga
  • One World | New Moon Live Yoga Flow

    Release the old and open your heart to invite the new in. You have everything you need to live your dream life so let the old stories go and make space for the new ones you are creating. Create, build, plant, transform, awaken, reawaken.

    I have the knowledge, skills, and passion to create th...

  • Reflection | New Moon LIVE Restorative Yoga

    As we enter the end of the year, we come into a time of deep stillness, reflection, and inner space. Honoring this helps us reconnect to the natural seasonal cycle and our minds/bodies. Through breath, mindful presence, and deeply supportive, nourishing, long held poses - we explore BEING.

  • We Are All Made of Stars | New Moon Live Yin Yoga

    We are made of stars. The elements of the universe, exploding stars from millions of years ago, are all contained in our bodies. We breath the breath of the sun and her sister stars. We contain the universe within. Today we explore the universe inside as it connects us to the larger macrocosm...

  • Peaceful Stillness | New Moon LIVE Restorative Yoga

    Stillness. It's something we all need more of in our daily lives but something many of us get very little of. Stillness can help us heal, focus, be more creative, be more present, and settle into our bodies.

    Join us for a soft, supportive, sweet Restorative Yoga practice where we explore breat...

  • New Moon Live Yoga Flow | Return to Center

    Welcome to the New Moon and a time of seasonal transition! If you have been feeling a bit off, hurried, rushed, overwhelmed - this is the time to slow down and return to center - your center! We focus on movement to settle and calm followed by longer held forward folds and a guided meditation (...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | Communicating with Clarity

    Today we explore the Throat Chakra and clarity in communication! Using pranayama, mindful movement, inquiry, and presence, we bring some light and opening to the space of our communication and expression. Communication can get bogged down, blocked, confused and muddled in our lives. Where or w...

  • New Moon Live Restorative Yoga | Honoring the Sacred Pause

    What does the word "pause" mean to you? How does the word change when you add "sacred"?

    The sacred pause is slowing down and becoming fully present in the moment no matter what you are doing throughout your day. It can be sipping your tea/coffee, taking a walk, cooking, gardening, bathing - yo...

  • New Moon Live Yoga Flow | Adventure Awaits

    Welcome to the New Moon in Gemini and to a time of great adventure!

    It takes courage and trust to venture into the unknown, yet this is where the greatest rewards are to be found. It is time to step boldly forward with courage, an open mind, and and open heart.

    Have you been feeling the need t...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | Releasing the Past

    Right now is a time of intention - setting out on a great journey. A door stands before us and as we reach for the knob, we realize all that lies ahead - POTENTIAL. But, we have to let go of the things that weigh us down...doubt, fear, past emotions, old stories of others and ourselves.


  • New Moon Live Yoga Flow | Igniting Your Inner Fire

    Today we begin a new astrological year with the New Moon in Aries - a fire sign that heralds confidence, bravery, courage, and new beginnings. This is a time of connecting to our personal power and will - our Solar Plexus Chakra - to build a steady and strong flame. This helps us affirm our wor...

  • Embracing Possibility | New Moon Live Restorative Yoga

    This practice is during the New Moon in Pisces, a time of dreaminess which fits in perfectly with the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere where we are feeling those first few signs of Spring - daffodils, tulips, more rain showers, new life everywhere, new beginnings!

    Today we are focusing on deep,...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | Invite Love

    Love is infinite and the more you invite love in and offer love to others, the more love flows in your life. Can you begin to open the door to a deeper love of self, love of all living creatures great and small, love of others? As we open this door, it becomes more effortless, easier to open ou...

  • New Moon Live Yoga Flow | Opening to Magic

    Magic is all around us, in everything we do, we see, we experience. And magic is IN us. Most importantly - our very breath is magic. Open your heart and mind to the magic/miracles/divine in your life!

    I am magical, miraculous, and divine.

    Poem: Miracle Fair by Wislawa Szymborska

    Meditation ...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | Remembering Who You Are

    The New Moon is a time for turning inward, collecting our thoughts and setting an intention for the coming month/moon cycle. It's a great time to slow down, soften, and really connect with your breath and your inner guide to determine what you want in your life.

    In this LIVE Yin Yoga practice w...

  • New Moon Live Yoga | Nurturing Positive Relationships

    We all come to relationships with some preconceived ideas and judgments based on our past experience. This history, although valid, is not always applicable to the person in front of you right here and right now. This new relationship will be burdened by the past from both participants; but, wh...

  • Intuition of the Mind & Body | New Moon Restorative Yoga

    I honor the innate intelligence of my mind and body.

    In this New Moon practice we are exploring and connecting to the innate intelligence of the mind and body through Restorative Yoga, breath, and a mindful body scan.

    There are two kinds of intuition - the one we often think about such as tha...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | Sharing Your Soul with the World

    In this month's practice we explore creativity by working with the Sacral Chakra (hips), Heart Chakra, and the Throat Chakra. Using breath, affirmation, awareness and mindful movement we connect to our inner creativity - infusing passion and love into it and opening up our ability to communicate...

  • New Moon Live Yoga | Slow Sweet Self Care

    S...L...O...W... down. Enjoy this moment, be present and breathe. With the world whirling around us, sometimes we think only of what's next on our list rather than experiencing this magical moment. In this practice we focus on slow movements with longer holds to explore our thoughts, emotions,...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | A Balanced Life

    Balance - an ever shifting target in our lives. How do we create more balance? Presence. Being fully present in the moment provides us with awareness and awareness gives us clues to what we need to support our minds and bodies natural, organic balancing.

    I am fully present in this moment allo...

  • Healing the Heart | New Moon Live Restorative Yoga + Yoga Nidra

    A deeply restorative and healing practice to release tension throughout the body, breathe deeply, and open up the upper back, chest, and breath. We spend a little time opening the side body in static stretches and move into long held, fully supported yoga poses to soften and relax - allowing the...

  • Yoga Props and Home Prop Alternatives.pdf

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    Basic yoga props used in yoga classes with home prop alternatives you can replace them with.

  • New Moon Cycle Journal Prompts

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    New Moon Cycle journal prompts to use with your practice or help you bring more clarity to your journal experience.

  • Exploring the New Moon

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  • New Moon Affirmations

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