Wintering | At Home Self Care Retreat (8 classes)

Wintering | At Home Self Care Retreat (8 classes)

Join me for this very special Wintering At Home Retreat where we will begin our first day by moving softly to unwind tension, balance our breath with pranayama, set up our healing "rest nest" and settle in for an extended Yoga Nidra session. Afterwards we will journal for awhile with journal prompts directly related to exploring how you can use Wintering in your own life.
For the remainder of the retreat, we will spend time practicing self care yoga and meditation (Yin, Restorative, body scans, meditation practices) to support us during our 3 day retreat and explore journal prompts throughout.

This at home retreat includes a 40 page printable companion guide to help you set your intention(s), prepare for your retreat, recipes, journal prompts, journaling pages, opening/closing ceremony pages and more along with 8 practices.

Props: Soft blankets, pillows, cushions, eye pillow, comfortable clothing - anything and everything that will make you feel supported, loved and deeply cared for.

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Wintering | At Home Self Care Retreat (8 classes)
  • Wintering At Home Retreat Companion

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  • Art of Wintering Yoga Nidra Mini Workshop

    Wintering can happen anytime you need to slow down, reflect, nurture yourself - and that is what this workshop is all about. We begin with breath, vagus nerve activation, soft movement, then yoga nidra and finally journaling.

    Sankalpa: I am at ease and open to insight

    Props: anything you wan...

  • Yin Deep | Intermediate Minimal Cues Yin Yoga | FLUIDITY

    Time to soften, release, honor the energy of creativity and the element of water.

    Props: 1-3 blankets for support and comfort (optional)

  • Mindful Body Scan Meditation

    Join me for this slow, sweet mindful full body scan and connect to every part of your body more deeply. Our bodies are the container for our innate energy and in this practice we become more fully present in the moment, and more deeply aware of our bodies.

    Props: Anything you think you might n...

  • Winter Solstice Restorative Yoga | Wintering

    Whatever part of your life you are in or whatever season you are in, perhaps you need to turn inward, rest, heal, surrender, be still and allow yourself to be nourished.

    This is a supportive practice that focuses on long, quiet holds with lots of soft props to help you explore what nature is a...

  • Metta for One | Loving Kindness Meditation

    Metta or loving kindness meditation is a beautiful way to open your heart, give yourself and the world some compassion and kindness. In this meditation we focus on healing ourselves first - offering ourselves love, acceptance, and compassion - so that we can fill our cup to share with others. J...

  • Winter Restorative Yoga | Honoring the Energy of Wintering

    What does it mean to Winter? Many of us have lost touch with the natural seasonal cycles due to electronics, lights, and our fast paced world but we need to circle back to wintering. Wintering is that time when we slow down, reflect, rest, restore, heal, and practice deep creativity so that whe...

  • A Little Self Love Meditation

    If you have been feeling a little depleted, sad, or disconnected, this meditation is for you. We give ourselves a BIG HUG, allow the breath to soothe and gently care for our mind and body, and focus on giving ourselves a big dose of self love! Enjoy!
    ***Sending you a virtual hug***