Dharma Talks | Exploring Yoga Philosophy

Dharma Talks | Exploring Yoga Philosophy

Join me as we explore the concepts of yoga philosophy together, sharing our information, understanding and experiencing new ideas in our bodies and minds.

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Dharma Talks | Exploring Yoga Philosophy
  • Exploring Santosha | Dharma Talk

    Santosha, or contentment, is the second Niyama in the Yamas and Niyamas set out by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. These are the ways we can grow, learn, develop and be better in our own lives.

    In this chat we explore ideas on how to translate this sutra and apply it to our everyday lives and h...

  • Intro To REDUCE | Less is More

    In this intro we explore the different ways we can see reducing can help support our personal, emotional/mental lives AND the way it can work into our living on this earth. Join me for this little chat, get some ideas, and be creative on how you can REDUCE...

  • Breath of Life PRANA | Dharma Chat

    How does air, prana, vyoman, breath figure into our lives? What does it feel like to be fully present with the breath, with air and with the embrace and nourishment of this vital substance?

    Resources: The Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche https://amzn.to/3vvUEDc AND To Bless This Spac...

  • The Unseen One | AIR

    Air - it's absolutely vital to our entire planet to thrive and survive and it is all around us. It's the speed of thought, the energy of new beginnings, the music we hear, the space we see through, and the sweet force that holds us in it's embrace. Come - explore AIR with me and how YOU can hel...

  • Brahmacharya Dharma Chat | Moderation in All Things

    Exploring the many interpretations and applications of brahmacharya - the 4th Yama of the 8 Limbs of Yoga (Patanjali's yoga sutras). We explore some traditional interpretations and the move onto some more modern interpretations and applications we can use in our everyday lives.

    References used:...

  • ENERGY in Balance

    Physical, mental, emotional - how do we use our energy? And, how do we use our energy for our homes, lives, households? This month is all about looking at how we use energy - philosophically and in the world and how we can be better managers of our energy!

    For more information - https://ourwor...

  • THIS is Water

    Welcome to our theme this month - WATER! Join me as we dive into how we feel, perceive, interact with, and conserve water - helping save this precious resource for the next generation. Water sustains all life on earth - how can we be better stewards of it?

  • Exploring Saucha | Dharma Talk

    Saucha or purity, the second Niyama in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (2.40) affects every aspect of our lives. Saucha is about cleansing practice and purification practices for body, mind, and spirit. Join me as I share some background, interpretations, ideas, and a practice exploration of this beaut...

  • Exploring the Meaning of AUM | Dharma Talk

    Ever wondered what aum/om means? In this dharma talk we chat about the various translations and meanings of aum from the essential sounds and their effect on the palate and tongue to a connection to the concepts of yoga nidra. I share some references and offer ideas on deepening your understan...