RENEWAL At Home Retreat

RENEWAL At Home Retreat

What does your dream spiritual life look or feel like?

What does a spiritual life mean for you?

In this at home retreat I offer you tools to support you as you seek to create your most beautiful and supportive spiritual life - whatever that may be for YOU.

You are ready to honor Self through reflection, contemplation, self love practices, and creation. Whether you have 1 hour, 1 day or a whole weekend/week, let's create space to explore your spiritual life and develop not only a deeper connection, but ways to nurture and develop your spiritual life.

Join me for RENEWAL* - a beautifully expansive at home retreat from the comfort of your own home or space inviting stillness, softness, reflection, and creativity in order to reconnect with and nurture our spiritual lives.
(includes 7 classes as well as 34 page full color companion guide - all downloadable or streaming access)

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RENEWAL At Home Retreat
  • Spiritual Renewal Retreat Companion Guide

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  • Exploring the Meaning of AUM | Dharma Chat

    Ever wondered what aum/om means? In this dharma talk we chat about the various translations and meanings of aum from the essential sounds and their effect on the palate and tongue to a connection to the concepts of yoga nidra. I share some references and offer ideas on deepening your understan...

  • Pranayama | Honoring Spirit Through Breath

    Spirit, Divine, Life Force - whatever you call it, this is what fills each of us with life. It is our true self.

    Join me as we explore our breath as a guide to the Spirit within - using the concepts of qi and prana as the basis for practice.

  • Sacred Rest | Rest Nest + Breath

    Welcome to another Sacred Rest - a series about taking a few moments 10-15 minutes - to reboot, heal, restore, relax, and practice self love. Today we are practicing Supine Bound Angle - the queen of all Restorative Yoga poses with soft support and mental alternate nostril breathing. Feel deepl...

  • Ishvara Pranidhana Dharma Chat | Surrender

    What does surrender mean to you? If you are like most, the concept of surrender is one of the hardest to understand and explore in your own life. Ishvara Pranidhana is the fifth Niyama in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and is often translated as surrender to the divine. Join me as we discuss what it c...

  • {Y}integration Yin Yoga | Ishvara Pranidhana | Surrender

    What does it mean to surrender and why is it so hard? Surrender is one of the hardest things to do - to release control and agency to something greater than oneself. This is what the Yamas & Niyamas have been leading us up to - preparing for this very challenging idea.

    Join me as we explore su...

  • Yoga Nidra for Pranic Energy Healing

    Explore sensations and awareness in the physical and energetic bodies and help clear any blocked or stagnant energy areas in this guided Yoga Nidra practice. A wonderful way to connect with yourself on a deeper level and heal using the pranic energy.

    Props: anything that will help you settle, ...

  • Yin Yoga | Honoring the Great Mystery

    Many cultures around the world have names or phrases for the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, the Divine, Spirit, Life Force, Creator of all things, the Sacred that resides in all living things. Whatever the names or description/translation, many of us are looking to create deeper spiritual mean...