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Water Element Yoga | Nurture & Flow

Yoga 25-35 Minutes • 35m

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  • Minimal Cues Yin Yoga | METAL Introsp...

    Metal - autumn time. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the time of the element Metal (lungs/large intestines). This is the time when we begin to truly turn inward and become more introspective as our energy shifts for the season. The area we are focusing on is the upper chest/back/a...

  • Minimal Cues Yin Yoga | EARTH Grounding

    Earth - late summer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, late summer is the time of the element Earth (spleen/stomach meridians). This is often a period of challenging transition as we leave summer with it's fiery energy and move into a more introspective, inner focused energy. Join me on the mat...

  • Standing Yoga Flow | Earth Element

    Our practice today is focused on earthing - using our connection to the earth through our feet to feel stable, nourished, connected so we can grow upwards and reach our faces to the sun...just like a sunflower! No chaturanga, no wrist weight bearing, no step throughs...just simple, slow, breath ...