Lunar Cycle Yoga - Connecting to the Moon

Lunar Cycle Yoga - Connecting to the Moon

Practices meant to help you explore lunar energy, how it affects you mentally, emotionally and physically, and how you can work with this energy cycle to create a more fulfilling life.

Includes 19 practices - Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, mindful yoga flow, meditation, pranayama as well as Extras (16 downloadable affirmations, rituals, journal prompts and more).

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Lunar Cycle Yoga - Connecting to the Moon
  • Chandra Bhedana | Lunar Pranayama

    Sometimes we need to activate the cooling, feminine, slow moving energy of the moon in our bodies and minds to help calm, center, and help us turn inward. Perfect for before bed, when you are overstimulated, right before meditation - this practice uses breath regulation to bring more lunar energ...

  • Super Moon Yin Yoga | Release & Recharge

    The Super Moon is when the moon and earth are closest in the sky - making the moon look much larger and more luminous. Like a Full Moon, the pull of the moon has an effect on us (we too are made of water like the tides). We can feel the need to release things holding us back and feel super char...

  • Lunar Eclipse Yin Yoga

    The lunar eclipse is a time of accelerated change, dramatic shifts in energy. For some this may be shocking and uncomfortable and for others - wonderful to see slow moving plans accelerated to fruition! Whatever it is for you, this is a great time to honor your mind and body with a grounding pr...

  • Moon Salutation Flow | Chandra Namaskar

    Chandra Namaskara or Moon Salutations are a slightly different, more Sacral Chakra flowing practice than Sun Salutations. In this practice we explore that flow with lunges, side stretches, crescents, and Half Moon pose!

    Props: None required but grab what you think you might need to be comforta...

  • New Moon Lunar Yin Yoga | Creativity & Sensuality

    Each New Moon, our energy naturally wanes and we find ourselves being more reflective, more introspective and needing more time to settle, ground, breathe and center. Yin is perfect for this. In this practice we hold our poses longer, focusing on the Liver meridian and forward folds. We set ou...

  • New Moon Lunar Yin Yoga | Setting Intentions

    Ready to unwind, release and soften? Join me for this 25 minute Yin Yoga Snack to release tension in the body, soften and breathe. A beautiful practice for turning inward and deeply resetting - giving you time and space for gentle self-reflection.

    This practice is dedicated to Jim for inspir...

  • Restorative Yoga for New Moon | Reset

    Another New Moon cycle approaches and now is the time to soften, release, and rest - in preparation for the New Moon cycle.

    Join Lucy and I for this full body practice focused on turning inward and allowing...
    Props: (Optional - 1 very needy cat), 2 blankets OR beach towels (blanket: http://...

  • New Moon Meditation + Journaling | Intentions

    The New Moon is a time of intention setting - determining what you want to create, express, or give flight to in your life this month. This meditation will help you ground and sense what matters to you most for this coming month. We will then briefly journal our thoughts and feelings and write ...

  • Waxing Moon Yin Yoga | Action & Expression

    You have set your intentions for this lunar cycle during the New Moon and now your energy is rising, and you are ready to take action! Today we connect to our Solar Plexus Chakra to stimulate our personal will and to our Throat Chakra to express our authentic self.

    Using these two chakras, ...

  • Waxing Moon Flow | Focusing Energy

    Today we are working with the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras to help manifest our lunar cycle intention. During this phase of the moon we are feeling energy rise and we feel ready to take action to move our dreams forward. We will fire up the core (solar plexus chakra), and open up the throat ...

  • Waxing Moon Meditation + Journaling | Manifesting

    The waxing moon is a time of evaluating and reevaluating our steps to manifesting our dreams and intentions this lunar cycle. What steps are you taking? What action are you taking? Are these working? Do you need to adjust your intention to achieve a smaller aspect? Just like a flower, what d...

  • Full Moon Yin Yoga | Gratitude

    The full moon is the peak of our energy cycle and the time of the month when we have the most energy and are at our most active. This is a time to look back over the lunar cycle to see what you have manifested, let go, and feel gratitude for each step in your month that has brought you to this p...

  • Full Moon Lunar Yin Yoga | Gratitude & Release

    The full moon is the peak of our lunar cycle - the energy has risen and extended outward and you have accomplished SO much! Many things have happened - ups and downs, actions and reactions, movement forward and maybe some steps back...but this is a time to celebrate all of it! Open to gratitude...

  • Full Moon Yoga Flow | Gratitude

    The Full Moon is the peak of our energy in the lunar cycle. We feel more socially extroverted, more assertive, more outwardly connected.

    This is a wonderful time to explore your energy as well as the fullness of this lunar cycle. Looking back at the month with gratitude for all that has tra...

  • Full Moon Meditation + Journaling | Gratitude

    As the full moon is in the sky you are feeling the highest point of your energy - the peak of energy in the lunar cycle. This is a wonderful time to look back over the month and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that you have in your life - sensing the "fullness" of your life. Joi...

  • Waning Moon Yin Yoga | Letting Go

    The Waning Moon is the beginning of the downward turn of our energy and it is a time of release - letting go of whatever is holding you back so you can move forward at the New Moon. There is no better area to work with than the hips when it comes to letting go as the hips are dense with connecti...

  • Waning Moon Lunar Yin Yoga | Release & Let Go

    The waning moon is here and we are ready to let go, release, clear out the old in preparation for the new. Join me for this hip focused practice to help let go of all that has gone on during this previous moon cycle and all that may be holding us back from moving forward in our lives. Breathe.....

  • Restorative Yoga for the Waning Moon

    As we enter the waning moon, our energy naturally begins to turn downward and inward as we prepare to release whatever is holding us back from moving forward positively in our lives. Preparing for the New Moon cycle and new intentions, we find ourselves focusing more internally on what needs to ...

  • Waning Moon Meditation + Journaling | Release

    The waning moon is a time of reassessing our month and sensing things we may need to let go and release before we can move forward in our life. As the predecessor to the New Moon where we set new intentions, this is the cycle where we release what no longer serves us so we can set new intentions...

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