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Watch Breath Awareness Week 3

Watch Breath Awareness Week 3


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Up Next in Home Meditation Practice (12 week Online Course)

  • Introduction to Mantra Meditation

    What is a mantra and how do you use it? Join me as we explore the deeply rich world of mantra!

  • Creating a Personal Mantra

    Developing your own personal mantra can be so rewarding. If a mantra isn't feeling like it works for you, how about creating your own so it is more powerful and supportive?

  • Mantra Meditation Week 4

    For the next several weeks we will be working with mantra meditation. A mantra is a sound, sentence, saying or affirmation that resonates with you - repeated either out loud or silently to your self. You can choose ANY mantra you want in any language. Mantras can be very powerful in helping you s...