Inhale Love * Exhale Gratitude | 14 Day Immersion for a Full Heart

Inhale Love * Exhale Gratitude | 14 Day Immersion for a Full Heart

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It opens your eyes, it frees you from jealousy, envy, comparison, fear. Gratitude reminds you that you are enough - have enough - and that to be is enough.

Take a deep breath and explore where gratitude can take you!

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Inhale Love * Exhale Gratitude | 14 Day Immersion for a Full Heart
  • Yoga Snack for Full Upper Body Release

    Today's yoga snack is a super short upper body stretch session to release tension in the shoulders, side body, neck, chest and upper back. Quick and easy yoga stretches you can use anytime to open these areas up and relieve tension. Enjoy!

  • Yin AM for Shoulders

    This 30 minute Yin practice is all about opening the shoulders 360 degrees - mobilizing, stretching and releasing the ENTIRE shoulder complex. If you are like me, you hold most of your tension in your shoulders resulting in a buildup of stiffness, tightness and tension.

    This is a great pr...

  • Yin Yoga for Full Body Chakra Energy Balance

    Join me for a 70 Min Yin Yoga full body chakra and meridian balancing practice where we will work through each of the chakras or energy centers of the body to restore balance. Aligning the chakras and each meridian associated with it, we will focus on clearing blockages to allow the free flow of...

  • Yoga Nidra for Balance & Acceptance

    If you have been feeling depleted, out of balance or overwhelmed and need some deep rest - join me for this guided body scan meditation and feel deeply restored.

    Yoga nidra is yogic sleep and is the state of putting the body to rest while keeping your mind alert. During this state your body...

  • Yinspired Flow for Shoulders & Upper Back

    Ready to be Yinspired? Great! We use myofascial release, Yin Yoga and slow flow to open, release, mobilize and build overall strength and flexibility for the chest, upper back and shoulders. Enjoy!

    Props: 2 blocks or large books (block: Tune up balls or 2 tennis ...

  • Coming Home: Yin Yoga for Compassion & Self Love

    Ever had a very long and stressful day and when you came home you felt the world just soften and your breath release? That's what this practice is all about. Coming home to yourself. Sensing that perfect part of you that is grounded, soft, nourishing, compassionate. Practicing self love and co...

  • Restorative Yoga Snack for Peace & Compassion

    Ever feel overwhelmed by the world's senseless acts of violence and wish you knew how to handle it? This practice is about connecting to your heart center, hugging it a little, sending some love and compassion to yourself and then to others to connect and bring peace. Join me for this heart foc...

  • Yin Yoga for Heart, Lung & Pericardium Meridians

    n this 1 hour Yin yoga practice we focus on the heart, lung & pericardium meridians to open your chest, shoulders, arms and upper back. Longer deep holds allow you to really sink into the poses and experience an introspective and quieting practice from beginning to end. We focus on nourishing t...

  • Yin AM Yoga for Gratitude | Heart Meridian

    What are you grateful for? Today's practice is about opening your heart center - developing a deeper sense of compassion and gratitude to and for yourself first and allowing that feeling to spread outwards. A great practice to prepare your mind and body for the holiday season ahead to cheer you...

  • Heart Warming Yin Yoga

    Remember a moment in your life where you felt deep love and compassion from or with another person or situation? There are days you just need a big warm hug. Our practice today is all about warming your heart and kindling your heart fire with heart opening poses and visualization.

    Props: ...

  • Heart Opening Yoga Flow for the Chest, Upper Back & Shoulders

    Everyone could use a little heart opening, right? In this practice we focus on opening the chest, shoulders and upper back to breath more deeply, release tension and stress, and bring a smile to our faces (and hearts). Join me!

    Props: 2 blocks or large books (block:

  • Heart Chakra Yin Yoga | Compassion

    The heart chakra is the gateway between the lower more inwardly related chakras and the upper more outwardly related chakras. This chakra is associated with our sense of compassion, love, peace, and kindness both for ourselves and for others. It is also the seat of our inner vitality - the flam...

  • Yin Yoga for Heart/Lung Meridians

    A Yin practice for the heart and lung meridians to bring balance to these areas. If you have been feeling sad, congested, constricted in the chest and upper shoulders, this practice can bring balance and openness to these areas. Allow your breath to heal and soothe these areas. Enjoy!


  • Loving Kindness/Metta Meditation

    Often known as the Metta meditation, this guided visualization meditation aims to promote a sense of wellbeing, peace and peaceful feelings towards the world around you. A favorite of mine and a great favorite of local yoga students!