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Watch this video and more on YR Self Care Studio

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Yin Yoga Minimal Cues | Heart Focused | PEACE

Yoga 35-45 Minutes • 41m

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  • Restorative Yoga for Emotional Overwhelm

    So many things can happen to start a cascade of emotions flowing into our awareness. Sometimes we feel as if it's all closing in, flooding us and we need to slow down, breathe, and open up some space. This practice is mean to ground you, give you some soft, sweet rest to relax and restore. Tak...

  • Yin Yoga to Balance Emotions | Perica...

    The pericardium meridian is the gatekeeper of our heart - protecting it physically and emotionally from any excessive energies. When the pericardium is allowing too much through, the heart is easily damaged and suffers and if the pericardium is not letting much through, we become disconnected an...

  • Root Chakra Restorative Yoga

    The Root Chakra is all about stability, grounding, focusing on what nurtures and supports you. Imagine a tree with roots below - the Root Chakra is the root system of the tree - gathering nourishment, wending through the ground to build stability for any high winds. A strong root system helps u...