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Nadi Shodhana B | Beginner's Pranayama Practice

Yoga 10-25 Minutes • 13m

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  • Nadi Shodhana A | Beginner Pranayama ...

    Nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing is one of the most effective pranayama techniques and can be used by everyone, anytime, all of the time to bring balance and steadiness to your mind and body. If you have practiced this before and found it a bit challenging, this practice is here to h...

  • Chandra Bhedana | Lunar Pranayama

    Sometimes we need to activate the cooling, feminine, slow moving energy of the moon in our bodies and minds to help calm, center, and help us turn inward. Perfect for before bed, when you are overstimulated, right before meditation - this practice uses breath regulation to bring more lunar energ...

  • Surya Bhedana | Solar Pranayama

    Our right side is our solar or sun side, the more active, energetic, doing, masculine energy in our bodies. Sometimes we need this energy to move ourselves forward, keep alert and focused, and be more energetic.

    In this practice we focus on activating the solar energy through breath - helping...