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Watch this video and more on YR Self Care Studio

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Heart Chakra Yin Yoga | Compassion

Summer Yoga & Meditation • 49m

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  • Yin Yoga to Balance Emotions | Perica...

    The pericardium meridian is the gatekeeper of our heart - protecting it physically and emotionally from any excessive energies. When the pericardium is allowing too much through, the heart is easily damaged and suffers and if the pericardium is not letting much through, we become disconnected an...

  • {Y}ingenuity |Protector of the Heart ...

    The Pericardium protects the heart physically AND emotionally - regulating blood distribution, linking the sacral chakra to the heart chakra, and protecting the heart from excess/deficient emotional energies.

    In this practice we focus on the upper body - chest, inner arms, neck and upper back to...

  • Yin Yoga to Cool Summer Fire

    Bring balance to your body with some water element focused practices to help you feel cooler and fresher. If you have been feeling overheated, hot, or the temperatures are running high - settle down for some cooling breaths and water visualization to cool down. Full body practice.

    Props: A CA...