SANCTUARY | At Home Retreat | Energetic Harmony

SANCTUARY | At Home Retreat | Energetic Harmony

Welcome to your Sanctuary - an at home retreat offering to help you clear energy you are ready to release from your spaces and your self and dedicate, with intention and energy you are inviting into your life, your space of Sanctuary. This weekend is about releasing, clearing away, letting go AND about inviting in, calling in, renewing mind, body, and spirit. Set aside a weekend to care for yourself. Ask others around you in your household to support your desire to reset (or invite them to participate!) and heal. Choose to have a weekend filled with self care including healthy foods, contemplation, deep inner work as well as softening, allowing, and turning inward.

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SANCTUARY | At Home Retreat | Energetic Harmony
  • SANCTUARY Retreat Weekend Overview

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  • SANCTUARY At Home Retreat Overview

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    What does Sanctuary mean? Why do we need energetic clearing and setting intentions around the time of the Winter Solstice?

  • SANCTUARY Journal Reflection Guide

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    Journal/reflection prompts to guide your inner work...

  • SANCTUARY Space Clearing

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    Preparing your space and releasing unwanted, lingering energies in preparation for inviting in new energy.

  • SANCTUARY Energy Clearing Self

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    Clearing the energy of your body with intention, mantra, and water...

  • SANCTUARY At Home Retreat Mantras

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    Mantras for cleansing space and dedicating it.

  • SANCTUARY Energetic Harmonizing Lists

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    Prompts to help you bring clarity to what you want to release and what you want to invite...

  • SANCTUARY Creating Space

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    Creating a space that is energetically balanced to support you...

  • SANCTUARY Friday

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  • New Moon Live Restorative Yoga | Honoring the Sacred Pause

    What does the word "pause" mean to you? How does the word change when you add "sacred"?

    The sacred pause is slowing down and becoming fully present in the moment no matter what you are doing throughout your day. It can be sipping your tea/coffee, taking a walk, cooking, gardening, bathing - yo...

  • SANCTUARY Saturday

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  • Yin Yoga for the Back Body | Hamstrings, Hips & Back {65 mins} | Sweet Surrender

    This 1 hour + Yin Yoga practice is all about surrender - release - letting go. Yin Yoga is the perfect way to practice releasing the things AND thoughts that no longer serve you, hold you back, or keep you from growing and moving on. Of course, letting go and surrendering is also physical so we ...

  • Energy Clearing Meditation

    Throughout our day we engage with others in conversations, transactions, and energy exchanges. Often, that energy leaves a residue behind - feeling heavy and weighted. This meditation is all about washing that residual energy from others and from your day away so you can feel refreshed and ligh...

  • {Y}indulge Home

    Where is home? What does home feel like, look like, sound like, taste like, smell like? What makes a home? Is it four walls? People? Things?

    In this practice we explore the concept of HOME and what the really means to each of us on a very personal level. Come home...

    By the way - Lucy is h...

  • Yoga Nidra Freedom

    Yoga nidra is a powerful way to set an intention and energize it with your breath. In this practice, we use breath, body awareness, set our Sankalpa/intention, and deepen our inner awareness of our true, divine self.

    Make yourself as comfortable as you can with props, blankets, pillows, and set...

  • SANCTUARY Sunday

    6.65 MB

  • Winter Solstice Yin Yoga

    Winter is the time of water - connecting to our inner flow and centering in peace, stillness, and quiet as we prepare for the growth in the seasons coming. Now is the time to slow down, breathe, and explore your inner peace as you nurture yourself and the seeds of your intent for the new year.


  • Yoga Nidra for Pranic Energy Healing

    Explore sensations and awareness in the physical and energetic bodies and help clear any blocked or stagnant energy areas in this guided Yoga Nidra practice. A wonderful way to connect with yourself on a deeper level and heal using the pranic energy.

    Props: anything that will help you settle, ...