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Watch this video and more on The Yoga Ranger Studio


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  • {Y}indulge Joy

    Develop an awareness of the sweet moments of joy in every moment of your day. Connect to these, become more aware of them, cultivate an internal sense of joy and allow this to be shared.

    Props: 1-2 blankets or beach towels, 1 bolster or bed pillows

  • {Y}indulge Freedom

    Freedom is a word we are all familiar with - in life, community, concept, politics. But what does freedom mean for you personally? How do you feel free?

    We explore the idea of freedom - of letting go, exploring, examining our long held emotions and ideas and working to find space. Feel ligh...

  • {Y}indulge Allow

    We are so often told to hide our feelings, bury our responses, control our selves - and while that may be the societal rules we have to live by - there are times where we need and should ALLOW ourselves the time to grieve, cry, be angry, feel all the feelings and have all the thoughts and simply ...