{Y}indulge - Practices for Healing & Harmony (1)

{Y}indulge - Practices for Healing & Harmony (1)

Beautiful practices to help you explore the meaning of such esoteric concepts as peace, love, joy, grace, and more through breath, movement, stillness, and connection to your present awareness.

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{Y}indulge - Practices for Healing & Harmony (1)

6 Videos

  • {Y}indulge Harmony | From Fragmented to Whole

    Every moment of our lives we are doing something but often thinking of something entirely different - either past, or future. We are torn, fragmented and pulled a million different ways. Taking some time to settle, breathe, focus on bringing ourselves into harmony - we hold our poses a little l...

  • {Y}indulge Grace

    From my very first awareness of being, I have always been fascinated by the idea of grace. What does it mean? How do I live gracefully? How do I make myself open to grace? Where is grace?

    In this practice we explore what, where, and how Grace exists in our lives and reconnect to our inner ...

  • {Y}indulge Peace

    Peace - it is the one thing we all wish we had more of in our lives. From our everyday existence, to peace of mind, to peace throughout our world - we all dream of more peace. But where does peace come from? Where do we find it?

    In this practice we tap into the natural, organic peace inside o...

  • {Y}indulge Joy

    Develop an awareness of the sweet moments of joy in every moment of your day. Connect to these, become more aware of them, cultivate an internal sense of joy and allow this to be shared.

    Props: 1-2 blankets or beach towels, 1 bolster or bed pillows

  • {Y}indulge Freedom

    Freedom is a word we are all familiar with - in life, community, concept, politics. But what does freedom mean for you personally? How do you feel free?

    We explore the idea of freedom - of letting go, exploring, examining our long held emotions and ideas and working to find space. Feel ligh...

  • {Y}indulge Allow

    We are so often told to hide our feelings, bury our responses, control our selves - and while that may be the societal rules we have to live by - there are times where we need and should ALLOW ourselves the time to grieve, cry, be angry, feel all the feelings and have all the thoughts and simply ...