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Yin Yoga for Throat, 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras | Upper Body Chakra Healing

Chakra Blends | Mixed Chakra Practices • 49m

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  • Yin Yoga for the Lower Body Chakras

    Today we are focusing on the lower body chakras in this 60 minute Yin Yoga practice melding chakra theory, mantras, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring balance. The first 3 chakras are deeply tied together as they are more internal and personal. These chakras relate to your inner consciou...

  • Yin Yoga for Full Body Chakra Energy ...

    Join me for a 70 Min Yin Yoga full body chakra and meridian balancing practice where we will work through each of the chakras or energy centers of the body to restore balance. Aligning the chakras and each meridian associated with it, we will focus on clearing blockages to allow the free flow of...

  • Chakra Yin Yoga | Full Body Healing &...

    There is a certain bliss that exists when your chakras are balancing and in harmony and in this practice we blend Indian Chakra theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian theory to explore, connect, heal and harmonize all of the chakras from our feet to the crown of our head.

    We use brea...