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Watch this video and more on YR Self Care Studio

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30 Min Yin Yoga for Energetic & Emotional Exhaustion

Yoga 25-35 Minutes • 32m

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  • Full Body Yoga for Your Back (6 Movem...

    When we work with all 6 movements of the spine, we release energy blocks, keep the spine and body supple, keep our entire body healthy, prevent injury, and help energy running in a balanced way. In this practice we will work with moving in all directions in various ways to open, strengthen, and ...

  • Yin + Breath | Heart Space

    Welcome to another Yin + Breath practice! In this practice we are opening up the front and back of the heart as well as working with the heart meridians while using our breath to go deeper.

    Props: 1 blanket or towel

  • Water Element Yoga | Nurture & Flow

    The element of water is often seen as the great flow and while that is one way of looking at water, there are others - such as nurturing, healing, mothering, purifying, cleansing.

    In this ground bound, mindful yoga practice we work with the hips and legs as well as the bladder/kidney meridians...