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Waxing Moon Yoga

Waxing Moon Yoga

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Waxing Moon Yoga
  • Waxing Moon Yin Yoga | Action & Expression

    You have set your intentions for this lunar cycle during the New Moon and now your energy is rising, and you are ready to take action! Today we connect to our Solar Plexus Chakra to stimulate our personal will and to our Throat Chakra to express our authentic self.

    Using these two chakras, ...

  • Waxing Moon Flow | Focusing Energy

    Today we are working with the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras to help manifest our lunar cycle intention. During this phase of the moon we are feeling energy rise and we feel ready to take action to move our dreams forward. We will fire up the core (solar plexus chakra), and open up the throat ...

  • Waxing Moon Meditation + Journaling | Manifesting

    The waxing moon is a time of evaluating and reevaluating our steps to manifesting our dreams and intentions this lunar cycle. What steps are you taking? What action are you taking? Are these working? Do you need to adjust your intention to achieve a smaller aspect? Just like a flower, what d...

  • Waxing Moon Journal Prompts.png

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    Some ideas for journaling this month to explore how you can better manifest your monthly intentions.

  • Exploring the Waxing Moon

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  • Waxing Moon Affirmations

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  • Waxing Moon Rituals

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