Waning Moon Yoga

Waning Moon Yoga

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Waning Moon Yoga
  • Waning Moon Yin Yoga | Letting Go

    The Waning Moon is the beginning of the downward turn of our energy and it is a time of release - letting go of whatever is holding you back so you can move forward at the New Moon. There is no better area to work with than the hips when it comes to letting go as the hips are dense with connecti...

  • Waning Moon Lunar Yin Yoga | Release & Let Go

    The waning moon is here and we are ready to let go, release, clear out the old in preparation for the new. Join me for this hip focused practice to help let go of all that has gone on during this previous moon cycle and all that may be holding us back from moving forward in our lives. Breathe.....

  • Restorative Yoga for the Waning Moon

    As we enter the waning moon, our energy naturally begins to turn downward and inward as we prepare to release whatever is holding us back from moving forward positively in our lives. Preparing for the New Moon cycle and new intentions, we find ourselves focusing more internally on what needs to ...

  • Waning Moon Meditation + Journaling | Release

    The waning moon is a time of reassessing our month and sensing things we may need to let go and release before we can move forward in our life. As the predecessor to the New Moon where we set new intentions, this is the cycle where we release what no longer serves us so we can set new intentions...

  • Waning Moon Journal Prompts.png

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    Journal prompts for the waning moon cycle.

  • Exploring the Waning Moon

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  • Waning Moon Affirmations

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  • Waning Moon Rituals

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