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WONDER | 31 Day Practice Calendar | May '21

WONDER | 31 Day Practice Calendar | May '21

Ever see something so magical that you were sure it wasn't real - yet it was? Open your eyes to the wonder all around us in nature, people, talents, skills, abilities, and more...

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WONDER | 31 Day Practice Calendar | May '21
  • Yin Yoga for an Uplifting Day | Heart Chakra

    Ever think "this day needs a lift"? Some days it just seems like the day ahead looks a bit unexciting. How about some chest, upper back and shoulder opening and a focus on the heart chakra? In this practice we open up our heart chakra to find inspiration, a little boost, and relieve the blues....

  • Yin Yoga Backbends | Deepening Your Experience

    I personally LOVE backbends - the energy, the feeling of joy, the opening, the release. Yin has some great poses to help you develop and deepen your backbend practice or simply find more opening, space and comfort in your back.

    In this practice we dive into opening the areas of the body mo...

  • A Little Love For Your Back | Tin Men & Women

    A healthy back means a balance between strength and mobility and keeping this balance is key to preventing back injury. Join me for this full back focused practice where we stretch, strengthen, and mobilize the back in all 4 planes of movement as well as activate assisting muscles to support the...

  • Yin Yoga for Throat, 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras | Upper Body Chakra Healing

    The upper chakras, comprised of the Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown chakras - are more spiritual than the more physical lower body chakras. Relating to our personal expression, our intuition and our connection to the universe - these three chakras link us to the world around us in unique ways.


  • Yin Yoga for the Side Body

    A Yin practice focusing on the side seam of the body from outside ankle through hip, side waist and up to inside of arm/fingertips. Deep hip opening and obliques stretch. Balances the Liver/Gallbladder and Heart/Lung Meridians - opening the entire side body! Enjoy!

    Props needed: 2 blanke...

  • Restorative Yoga Snack for a Bad Day

    Ever have a really bad day? Don't we all get those? This Restorative Yoga Snack is for all the times you have a really bad day, a bad headache, or just feel fussy. Join me for a little reset - 13 mins! Enjoy!

    Props: 1 blanket (optional) OR beach towel (or pick up one here: