WATER | 28 Day Practice Calendar | Feb. '22

WATER | 28 Day Practice Calendar | Feb. '22

71% of earth is covered in water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. How do we relate to water? How do we feel about it, use it, protect it, conserve it? How do we connect with the energy of water, the flow, the creativity and sensuality of water? Join me this month as we explore our relationship with water both on a physical level and an intellectual level.

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WATER | 28 Day Practice Calendar | Feb. '22
  • WATER Practice Calendar | Feb.'22

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    Exploring Water through the Sacral Chakra, Saucha, flow, and the kidney/bladder meridians...

  • WATER | Making a Difference | Feb. '22

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    What can you do right now to protect, preserve, and conserve water?

  • WATER Journal Reflection Prompts | Feb. '22

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    Prompts to connect you to water as a physical, emotional and spiritual element...

  • THIS is Water

    Welcome to our theme this month - WATER! Join me as we dive into how we feel, perceive, interact with, and conserve water - helping save this precious resource for the next generation. Water sustains all life on earth - how can we be better stewards of it?

  • Yinspired Yoga for the Back Body | Yin Yoga Fusion

    Tight hamstrings? Tight calves? Sore lower back? These things might be all tied together for you in a cycle of tension and discomfort. In today's 35 minute Yin Yoga Flow Fusion practice we work with opening the back of the legs (calves and hamstrings) as well as strengthening the lower back t...

  • Hands Free Mandala Yoga Flow (Core)

    The soothing experience of traveling all the way around your mat can be so grounding! In this short, but sweet mandala flow, we work with the breath and travel around the mat strengthening and opening the entire core. Feel a little free, a little fun and join me!

  • Exploring Saucha | Dharma Talk

    Saucha or purity, the second Niyama in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (2.40) affects every aspect of our lives. Saucha is about cleansing practice and purification practices for body, mind, and spirit. Join me as I share some background, interpretations, ideas, and a practice exploration of this beaut...

  • Throat Chakra Restorative Yoga Snack

    Our Throat Chakra is the center of our communication - our sharing of our true self with the world and includes the space of the upper chest, neck, jaw, mouth, and ears. It's a space where words and ideas can become stuck or "lodged" in our throat, preventing us from expressing our needs, wants,...

  • Yin Yoga Heart & Hips | Full Body Yin Yoga

    What is it about the heart and the hips that draws us in Yin Yoga? For me, I know that these are the places I need the most opening, the most release, the most balancing. Today we are working deep into these areas to release tension and bring more balance to the body and mind. Ready to feel sp...

  • Soulful Rest Restorative Yoga | RECHARGE

    In this Soulful Rest practice we are focusing on the kidneys, adrenals and lymphatic system to bring greater balance to our energy, recharge energy as well as boost our immune system! Join me for deeply sweet, long held, super relaxing poses that you can melt into.

    Props: 1-2 blankets or beach...

  • Nighttime Switching Off Progressive Relaxation Meditation

    If you struggle to get to sleep or just need some deep rest but your mind and/or body won't settle down, this is a great practice to explore. We mindfully connect, become aware of, and "switch off" each area of the body with compassion - giving ourselves permission to heal, restore, rest, relax,...

  • Myofascial Release for Chest & Shoulders

    In today's self massage practice we are focusing on the area right inside your front shoulder proper and into your chest - opening and releasing tension and tightness that can constrict our breath and our shoulder/chest movement. Myofascial release in this area can help deepen your breathing and...

  • Waxing Moon Flow | Focusing Energy

    Today we are working with the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras to help manifest our lunar cycle intention. During this phase of the moon we are feeling energy rise and we feel ready to take action to move our dreams forward. We will fire up the core (solar plexus chakra), and open up the throat ...

  • Lower Body Reboot Yin Yoga

    Ready to open up the ENTIRE lower body with this 30+ minute practice? We work from the toes and feet all the way up through the lower back and hips to make space, provide more mobility and help you feel more open!

    Props: optional blanket or beach towel

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Foot Care, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Care

    A little session that you can do while eating breakfast, watching tv or even at your desk to improve your arch, foot lift and integrity of the foot while releasing tension and providing relief for tired feet.

    Props: 1 tennis ball or golf ball (can be used cold for extra relief)

  • Yin Yoga Snack for Deep Hip & Hamstring Release

    Just a little practice to help release tension, open up the space and help you feel more mobile through the hips and hamstrings.

    Props: 1 blanket (blanket: http://amzn.to/2v0U0eh)

  • Restorative Yoga for Lymphatic Health & Immunity

    What's the very best way to stay healthy? Support our bodies natural immune and detoxification system. In this practice we focus on opening the areas with the most lymph nodes helping keep our immune system and lymphatic system in top condition. We help shift the lymph fluid in the lower body ...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | Invite Love

    Love is infinite and the more you invite love in and offer love to others, the more love flows in your life. Can you begin to open the door to a deeper love of self, love of all living creatures great and small, love of others? As we open this door, it becomes more effortless, easier to open ou...

  • Water Element Nurturing Yoga Flow with Meditation

    The human body is made up of 60% water and water is found in every part of our bodies from the bones to the lungs to the heart to the brain. Water is a powerful element - an element of soothing, nurturing like the mother figure - and an element of strength, power, and change. Tap into the eleme...

  • Yin Yoga Snack to Balance Your Energy | Kidney Meridian

    Need to balance your energy? This Yin Yoga Snack is all about balancing your energy - helping you activate and clear the lower body meridians including Kidney and Bladder meridians. Enjoy!

    Props: 1 blanket (optional) OR beach towel (or pick up one here: http://amzn.to/2v0U0eh).

  • Sama Vritti Breath | A Balanced Breath

    Throughout the day we breath in different ways - often without thinking. Under stress our breath turns shallow, relaxed and it extends. What we don't notice, often even if we are noting the breath, is the length of each inhale and exhale in relation to each other.

    For me, my exhale is WAY ...

  • Gentle Restorative Yoga for Colds, Flu & Congestion

    Cold and flu season are here and there is NOTHING worse than feeling stuck, congested and tense from sniffling, sneezing, and shivering. This practice is meant to help relieve your congestion and gently help you recover while still releasing the tension you hold from being huddled over sniffling...

  • Yin AM Yoga for Gratitude | Heart Meridian

    What are you grateful for? Today's practice is about opening your heart center - developing a deeper sense of compassion and gratitude to and for yourself first and allowing that feeling to spread outwards. A great practice to prepare your mind and body for the holiday season ahead to cheer you...

  • Yin Yoga Minimal Cues | Soften

    Explore deep release and let go of whatever no longer serves you in your mind and body in this long hold, minimal cues practice. The stillness and silence allow you to drop into your own experience and go deeper.

    Props: 1 block (block: http://amzn.to/2yHfZMs)