REUSE | 30 Day Practice Calendar | June '22

REUSE | 30 Day Practice Calendar | June '22

From repurposing and reusing to remembering what tools we have in our toolbox and exploring what we already know - join me this month for REUSE and challenge yourself!

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REUSE | 30 Day Practice Calendar | June '22
  • REUSE Practice Calendar | June '22

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    Explore what it means to repurpose, reuse, and upcycle!

  • REUSE Reflection Journal Prompts | June '22

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    Exploring how you can "reuse" things in your life to support yourself - going deeper rather than wider...

  • REUSE | Making a Difference | June '22

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    How can be REUSE more items and make a difference?

  • Elemental Fire Yin Yoga Snack

    In Traditional Chinese 5 Element Theory, the season of Summer is related to the FIRE element and to the peak of our energy levels. Join Miss Lucy and I for this upper body, fire practice focused on the heart and small intestine meridians (and enjoy Lucy's attempts to do Rolling Panda Pose - now ...

  • Myofascial Release @ the Wall | Upper & Lower Back Care

    Grab your tennis balls or myofascial release balls and find a small space on the wall where you can move up and down and join me! It only takes a few minutes to release tension, relieve pain, prevent pain, and feel MUCH better. This could also be a great little leg workout : )

    Props: 2 tennis...

  • Core Inclusive | Yoga for Balance & Core Strength

    Core is more than just a six pack - core is 3 dimensional with a top and a canister! Our core does so much for us and in order to keep a strong lower back, healthy side body, and be mobile - we need to work with all aspects of the core.

    In this practice we will focus on the co...

  • Soulful Rest Restorative Yoga | OPENING

    Ever feel like you need a really deep supportive rest? Soulful Rest is all about getting that using lots of household props, long hold times and lots of quiet space to relax, release, restore the mind and body. So grab your pillows, blankets, bolsters, towels and join me for this chest, back an...

  • Sacred Rest | Constructive Rest Savasana

    Rest. We all need more of it to heal, restore, nourish our minds, bodies, and souls. Yoga has a gift and it's called savasana. Savasana is the ultimate healing pose, guiding you back to your best self with love and compassion. Gather your props and join Lucy and I for some deep, healing rest ...

  • Meditation for Anger & Frustration

    The clouds of anger flow over us and we feel it not only in our minds but in our bodies, tensing and tightening everything up and forcing us to feel reactive.
    We all get angry and frustrated but what defines the situation is our choices in that moment and afterwards.

    In this practice we use...

  • Hip Bliss | Yoga for Happy Hips

    Need a little hip opening? This practice is all about sweet grounded hip openers using the floor to help settle into the poses. Perfect for the start of your day to improve mobility or at the end of the day to release back and hip tension from work! Just 10 minutes and you will have happy hips!

  • Yin AM: Full Body Yin Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

    If you only have 30 minutes - how about a Yin Yoga Full Body Balancing practice! We balance all the meridians, stretch the entire body and release tension. Great for first thing in the morning OR perfect for pre-bedtime routine to release the tension of the day.

    Props: 1 blanket OR be...

  • Restorative Yoga for Lymphatic Health & Immunity

    What's the very best way to stay healthy? Support our bodies natural immune and detoxification system. In this practice we focus on opening the areas with the most lymph nodes helping keep our immune system and lymphatic system in top condition. We help shift the lymph fluid in the lower body ...

  • Intro to REUSE | Think Outside the Box!

    What happens when something you own comes to the end of it's intended use or you no longer want/use/need it? Things do and that's to be expected but how can we reuse them in our lives? You might be amazed at the ideas out there (think Pinterest) to repurpose items from using it in your yard dec...

  • Ujjayi Pranayama | Victorious Breath

    Pranayama is one of the most powerful tools to help you manage stress, regulate the effects of stress on your body and mind, settle and ground, soothe and energize, and connect to the moment mindfully for perspective.

    In this extended version of Ujjayi pranayama, we explore this breath deeply to...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Lower Leg Aches

    So much of our day is spent standing on hard floors and that can cause some tightness and aching in the lower legs/calves. Releasing that tension can help soften the ache, reduce muscles freezing up and relax your entire leg. Join me for this lower leg focused practice to help release.


  • Mindful Flow for Balance | Full Body Yoga Flow

    Balance requires so many things to come together at once but there are ways to build strength and awareness so you can find better balance.

    We start with the 4 elements of good balance and work our way through some lesser known balancing poses along with some well known ones to become more a...

  • Yin Yoga | Unraveling Emotional Knots

    Sometimes we can feel all wound up as if we are a rope all tied in knots. Whether this be mental or emotional this can be reflected in our bodies and a great way to unwind it all is to begin with the physical body. Join Lucy and I as we explore "knotted to unwound" poses in our bodies - making ...

  • Sacral Chakra Meditation | Rhythm & Flow

    The sacral chakra is all about our connections to other, relationships, creativity, sensuality and the flow. In this meditation we connect to the organic and inherent rhythm of our breath and our heartbeat - feeling it throughout the body and allowing ourselves to feel grounded yet fluid. Join ...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Wrists & Hand Soreness

    Keyboarding, chopping, gardening, playing a musical instrument - just to name a few - are all things that can make our hands and wrists feel very sore and tight. Taking the time, either mid activity, or on a consistent basis can dramatically reduce the soreness and pain from our activities and m...

  • Restorative Yoga for Back Pain

    This practice is a short, gentle yoga practice using props to help the back release tension, relieve pain and gain more mobility in the back. Great for maintaining good back health!

    Props: 1 blanket OR beach towel (blanket: and 1 bolster or pillow (bolster: http://amzn...

  • Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension

    Our lives are filled with stress but that doesn't mean we have to live with it! Today's practice focuses on using Yin poses, self-massage and stretches to relieve the pain and tension that settles into our upper back, neck and shoulders. Join me for a full release of this area using all of thes...

  • Crown Chakra Restorative Yoga Snack

    Our Crown Chakra (sahasrara) is located in the space 8-12" above the head and is related to our divine connection, universal consciousness. In this practice we use breath and the pose most recommended for this chakra along with lots of support and kitty love!

    Props: 1-2 blocks or throw pillows...

  • Yin Yoga for Energy | Kidney & Bladder Meridians

    If you need your energy balanced or just need a little energy boost, this class focuses on the Kidney & Bladder meridians - balancing and clearing your energy lines. Leg, hip and back opening. Enjoy!

    Props: 1 blanket (optional) OR beach towel (or pick up one here: an...

  • New Moon Live Yoga Flow | Adventure Awaits

    Welcome to the New Moon in Gemini and to a time of great adventure!

    It takes courage and trust to venture into the unknown, yet this is where the greatest rewards are to be found. It is time to step boldly forward with courage, an open mind, and and open heart.

    Have you been feeling the need t...