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Morning Yoga for Deep Hip Release | Yoga for Tin Men & Women


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  • Yin Yoga for Tin Men & Tin Women

    If you wake up squeaking and creaking like me, and you feel a bit like the Tin Man or Woman, this practice is meant for you! In 45 mins we open up the areas that are the most "stuck" for Tin Men & Women using longer holds, breath, and mindful movement. Help your body gain more overall mobility ...

  • Yoga Nidra for Balance & Acceptance

    If you have been feeling depleted, out of balance or overwhelmed and need some deep rest - join me for this guided body scan meditation and feel deeply restored.

    Yoga nidra is yogic sleep and is the state of putting the body to rest while keeping your mind alert. During this state your body...

  • Yin Yoga from Head to Toes | Full Bod...

    This practice is all about connecting with your body, mind, and breath through longer held, ground bound poses. We will be beginning at the top of the body and working our way down for a "head to toes" Yin Yoga experience - releasing tension, connecting to our breath, mobilizing our connective t...