REFLECTION | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Dec. '21

REFLECTION | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Dec. '21

This month we focus on healing. Healing begins with us - letting go of old thought patterns, habits, people, things, ideas, energies that don't support us or weigh us down and inviting in the energy of healing, boundaries, support, compassion, self love, and acceptance. Join me this month as we explore healing mind, body, and spirit!

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REFLECTION | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Dec. '21
  • 4 * 7 * 8 Pranayama | Soothing Breath

    One of the first pranayama practices I ever learned was the 4 7 8 breath and I have used it SO much! Perfect for when you need to calm your mind/body, manage panic attacks or anxiety, or for settling down for sleep - this is a great go to breath practice. Try it!

  • Yin Yoga Snack for Shoulders & Upper Back

    In today's Yin Yoga Snack we are focusing on opening the upper back, chest and shoulders for deeper breathing, tension release and stress relief. Many of us hold a lot of tension in these areas, restricting our breath and causing tension headaches. In under 12 minutes, we unwind it all! Enjoy!

  • Breath Retention | Exploring & Experiencing

    Breath retention with "fill rates" is a great way to build greater awareness of your breath overall as well as explore building depth to your practice. We begin with basic breathing and then explore 50% fill rate followed by 33% fill rate retention. This is a great way to build lung capacity to...

  • A Little Love For Your Back | Tin Men & Women

    A healthy back means a balance between strength and mobility and keeping this balance is key to preventing back injury. Join me for this full back focused practice where we stretch, strengthen, and mobilize the back in all 4 planes of movement as well as activate assisting muscles to support the...

  • Yin Yoga for Vata Dosha | The Science of Ayurveda

    What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, relating to lifestyle, food, nutrition and habits. In Ayurveda, there are 3 Doshas or energies in the body: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and people often have a blend of these with one dominating by a lot or a little. Each dosha is related to th...

  • Restorative Yoga for Tender Loving Care | TLC Time

    We could all use a big hug and some tender loving care, right? This practice is all about slowing down, softening, surrendering, and feeling fully supported - giving our minds and bodies some TLC. Breathe and feel the stress and tension melt away.

    Props: 2 blankets OR beach towels (blanket:...

  • Restorative Yoga for Holiday Stress

    Holidays, large events, parties, family gatherings - all wonderful but also very stressful! If you have been feeling the pressure of a large event coming soon, this under 30 min Gentle Restorative Yoga practice can help to ground, settle, heal and restore you both physically and mentally to bala...

  • Yin Yoga for Sore & Tired Bodies

    All of us face days where we feel sore and tired but we know if we just move a little - all while practicing self care and compassion - we could feel much, much better. This practice is all about honoring how you feel this moment while also allowing you to explore gentle, supported movements to ...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Neck Knots

    Some days I wake up with a huge crick in my neck. Whether it be how I slept, something I did the day before, or just muscles getting cranky, a good stretch can do wonders for helping iron out the knots. Join me as we stretch the entire neck and give it a little mobility! No props required.

  • Myofascial Release for Hamstrings & Lower Back

    If you hamstrings are super tight then this self massage practice is for you! Perfect for post workout rolling out or preworkout opening OR just to get some mobility in your lower back and hamstrings. Join me!

    Props: 2 tennis balls or acupressure balls (Tune up balls:

  • Restorative Yoga for Fatigue | Revitalize & Restore

    Feel fatigued? Exhausted? Need a gentle, supported full body yoga practice to help restore, heal and revitalize you? Our 30 minute practice today is about helping the body settle into healing mode and letting the poses do ALL the work for YOU! Feel supported and release tension, stress and fa...

  • Happy Hour Yin Yoga | RELEASE

    Your work day is over but you struggle to transition to evening and home life. You feel stuck, stiff, tense - mentally and physically. Join me for Happy Hour Release - a practice focused on letting go of your day and all of the tension you built up in the back, hips and legs. It's Happy Hour t...

  • Winter Yin Yoga | Turn Inward & Connect to Your Flow

    Winter time is a time of all of nature turning inward, storing up, healing, resting and connecting to our natural inner flow in preparation for Spring with it's new ideas and activity. Now is the time to slow down, soften, and allow. It's a time of preparation and that means healing and rest. ...

  • {Y}ingenuity | Movement of Chi | San Jiao Meridian

    Chi, prana, or vital energy has a pathway - intake, assimilation and elimination. We are born with a certain amount of chi which is stored in our Kidneys and throughout our lives, we also acquire Chi through food, breath, environment. This "acquired chi" moves through the body from the Lungs/He...