RECYCLE | 31 Day Practice Calendar | July '22

RECYCLE | 31 Day Practice Calendar | July '22

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RECYCLE | 31 Day Practice Calendar | July '22
  • RECYCLE Practice Calendar | July '22

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    Explore what it means to recycle and transform what no longer serves you!

  • RECYCLE Reflection Journal Prompts | July '22

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    Journal prompts to inspire you to use the fire of transformation in your life to change what no longer serves your best self into more.

  • RECYCLE | Making a Difference | July '22

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    Things you can do RIGHT NOW in your daily life to be more proactive in saving our earth.

  • Full Body Yoga Flow for Deep Core Strength & Tone

    Today's yoga flow is a hands free, full body yoga practice focusing on the core and abs. The core isn't just the front side of the belly - it includes the side body, lower back, pelvic floor and diaphragm as well - a cannister of core - with layer upon layer!

    This practice focuses on engaging...

  • New Moon Live Yin Yoga | Sharing Your Soul with the World

    In this month's practice we explore creativity by working with the Sacral Chakra (hips), Heart Chakra, and the Throat Chakra. Using breath, affirmation, awareness and mindful movement we connect to our inner creativity - infusing passion and love into it and opening up our ability to communicate...

  • Mindful Yoga Flow | Aparigraha | Releasing Attachment

    Aparigraha, the 5th of the Yamas (8 Limbs of Yoga), is often translated as nonattachment. In this practice we explore releasing attachment through opening up to possibility, listening to our bodies and what they need in this moment, letting go of expectations and allowing the present and our pra...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Neck Knots

    Some days I wake up with a huge crick in my neck. Whether it be how I slept, something I did the day before, or just muscles getting cranky, a good stretch can do wonders for helping iron out the knots. Join me as we stretch the entire neck and give it a little mobility! No props required.

  • Pranayama | Fullness of the Breath

    The lungs are much larger than we often explore in our daily breath. Often we breathe into just one side or the other more or we breathe into the center of the chest and not the side body.

    In this practice we will explore compartments of the breath, focusing on areas one at a time then altogeth...

  • Happy Hour Yin Yoga | ENERGIZE

    Welcome to another Happy Hour Yin Yoga practice! Today we are focusing on balancing your energy as you transition from your work life to your personal life. If you have had an energy draining day but need some energy for evening plans with family or friends, this practice can help you gather yo...

  • Restorative Yoga Snack for Back Pain Relief

    Sometimes you just need long held, supported Restorative Yoga to help bring yourself back to balance. Today we practice heart opening/chest opening with a supported (Bridge Pose) back bend and an inversion (feet up the wall). Great for rebalancing after or during travel or at the end of a long ...

  • Myofascial Release for IT Bands & Outer Hips

    Today we are focusing on rolling out the IT Bands! This super tight area on the outside of the hip running down towards the outer leg and knee can cause some serious pain but with regular rolling out, you can avoid the tightness and discomfort in your legs and hips. Try this short IT Band rollo...

  • 20 Min Yin Yoga for Piriformis | Piriformis Syndrome

    Where's your piriformis? What is it? The piriformis is a muscle that helps with rotating your leg outward and it lies across the bum area (ever feel that tender spot in the center of your glutes?). For many people, this area is quite tender and sore and can often be directly related to back pa...

  • 💕 Heart Opening Slow Flow Yoga | Feel Good Flow

    Everyone could use a little heart opening, right? In this practice we focus on opening the chest, shoulders and upper back to breath more deeply, release tension and stress, and bring a smile to our faces (and hearts). Join me!

    Props: 2 blocks or large books (block:

  • 75 Breath Yoga Nidra | Chakra Balancing

    Sensing your chakras and whether they feel out of alignment, blocked or are moving the energy freely through your body can be challenging in our fast paced world. Take a few minutes to connect to your body and the energy running through following the breath on it's trip from feet to crown and ev...

  • Soulful Rest Restorative Yoga | ADRENAL FATIGUE

    Have you ever felt really tired - so tired you wake up like that?

    Well, this practice is all about finding some deep rest with fully supported poses that do all the work for you - helping rest, soothe, and balance your adrenals and kidneys. Join Miss Lucy and I for long held poses, sweet purr...

  • Nadi Shodhana D | Alternate Nostril Breathing | Intermediate

    Nadi Shodhana D or alternate nostril breathing is an intermediate practice that includes kumbhaka or retention. In this practice we will be working with antara kumbhaka or retention at the top of the inhale while our breath is full. If you are comfortable with the basics of alternate nostril br...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Midday Stretch at Your Desk

    You don't have to get on the floor or have a yoga mat to benefit from a midday yoga stretch! Just 10 minutes in your chair - breathe, stretch, release tension and refocus!

    Props: a chair!

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Flow | Personal Power

    Our Solar Plexus is associated with our internal "fire" of digestion - digesting food as well as thoughts/information for our bodies. This area around the navel is our core and is all about our personal power. Strengthening and connecting to this chakra helps us "digest" better as well as feel ...

  • 4 * 7 * 8 Pranayama | Soothing Breath

    One of the first pranayama practices I ever learned was the 4 7 8 breath and I have used it SO much! Perfect for when you need to calm your mind/body, manage panic attacks or anxiety, or for settling down for sleep - this is a great go to breath practice. Try it!

  • Fire Element Restorative Yoga

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory (TCM), the element of fire is at it's peak during the summer months and is related to our Heart/Small Intestine and Pericardium/San Jiao meridians. Today we are working with fully supported poses that center on opening the chest, upper back, sh...

  • Intro to RECYCLE | Transformation

    Recycling is all about transformation - transformation of one thing into another. In our daily lives "things" come to the end of their useful life and sometimes they must be turned into something altogether different through the "fire" of transformation. This is true of our inner lives as well....

  • Yin Yoga for Front Body | Heart & Lung Meridians | Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back

    Today's Yin yoga practice is focused on the front side of the body. We work on opening the upper back, chest, shoulders and side body. This practice covers all meridians of the body but emphasizes the Heart/Lung Meridians and corresponding Small/Large Intestine Yang meridians.

    Props: 1-2 b...

  • Yinspired Full Body Flow for Hips, Glutes & Psoas | Yin Yoga Fusion

    Welcome to Yinspired Flow - the perfect blend of Yin Yoga and Slow Flow Yoga! In this 55 minute practice we will use myofascial release (self massage), Yin yoga poses and slow flow yoga to deeply mobilize and strengthen the connective tissue and muscles of the hips, glutes and psoas - giving you...

  • Sacred Rest | Savasana Nest with Body Awareness

    If you only have time for one pose how about the most supportive, healing, and restorative yoga pose - savasana. Join me for Sacred Rest, a collection of beautiful practices to refill your cup with props, breath, grounding, and self love. Gather your props and rest...

    Props: 2-3 blankets/towel...