Yoga for Self Love

Yoga for Self Love

Practices to explore the idea of self love...

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Yoga for Self Love
  • The Beauty of Asymmetry | Yin Yoga

    Asymmetry is a beautiful thing. We think we want perfect symmetry in everything but in reality, we see asymmetry as more beautiful! Our bodies are so unique from bone to bone, muscle to muscle, fascia to fascia - left/right, top/bottom/back/front - that we cannot and should not ever compare our...

  • Yin Yoga Self Love | Love Yourself Head to Toes

    You are beautiful, amazing, incredible, talented, perfect.

    And you have SO much to offer the world. Ever felt like you aren't shining your brightest? Like you aren't fulfilling your potential? Hiding your light to make others feel better or stepping out of the light out of fear?

    It's your ti...

  • {Y}indulge Love

    What does love mean to you? Does it mean love for others? Compassion? Understanding? Does it include love for yourself?

    Love is so rich with meaning and so open to interpretation. In this practice we explore love in all it's facets - opening ourselves up to loving in balanced ways and unde...

  • Full Moon Yin Yoga | Gratitude

    The full moon is the peak of our energy cycle and the time of the month when we have the most energy and are at our most active. This is a time to look back over the lunar cycle to see what you have manifested, let go, and feel gratitude for each step in your month that has brought you to this p...

  • Yin Yoga for Self Love | Nourish Yourself | Earth Element

    Need a little self love - time to nourish yourself - to ground and connect to your inner earth element? This practice is meant to bring you back to center - to help you refill your cup and practice some self love.

    For those of us who are caretakers - people who constantly give of ourselves to...

  • Self Compassion Meditation | Self Love & Healing

    Compassion, love and acceptance begin with you. In this 10 minute meditation we use the Loving Kindness meditation in a unique way - cultivating loving kindness towards self. Join me for a big hug, some self love and healing and support...

  • A Little Self Love Meditation

    If you have been feeling a little depleted, sad, or disconnected, this meditation is for you. We give ourselves a BIG HUG, allow the breath to soothe and gently care for our mind and body, and focus on giving ourselves a big dose of self love! Enjoy!
    ***Sending you a virtual hug***

  • Loving Kindness/Metta Meditation

    Often known as the Metta meditation, this guided visualization meditation aims to promote a sense of wellbeing, peace and peaceful feelings towards the world around you. A favorite of mine and a great favorite of local yoga students!