PORTAL | 30 Day Practice Calendar | Nov. '21

PORTAL | 30 Day Practice Calendar | Nov. '21

This month we are exploring the paths that open to us and the choices we make. As we close out this year, we see that doors have closed but more have opened. Which to choose? What path to take? Let's explore...

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PORTAL | 30 Day Practice Calendar | Nov. '21
  • Myofascial Release for Full Body Release

    Looking for a full body roll out using tennis balls/acupressure balls for deep tissue massage? This practice covers the ENTIRE back body helping to release the muscles, mobilize the connective tissue and relieve pain. Just 30 minutes!

    Props: 2 tennis balls OR Tune Up Balls (or get them here...

  • Morning Yin Yoga Step Into Your Personal Power

    Today we are working with the Solar Plexus Chakra to fire up our personal power, confidence, and will to get through a challenging day or time in our life. Lots of twists and a full body practice to reconnect to our inner strength. If you need a little morning confidence boost - join me!


  • Yoga Flight Prep | Upper Body Strength & Mobility

    Every baby bird knows that s/he needs to build strength and mobility his/her wings PRIOR to flight. The human "wings" are no different. If you are someone who uses your arms a lot, suffers from wrist pain or weakness or is interested in building strength in your "wings" for arm balances - this ...

  • Yin Yoga for Psoas, Hips & Hip Flexors | Hip & Back Release {50 mins)

    Heard a lot about the psoas but aren't really sure where it is, what it does and how to take care of it? Well, in this 50 min Yin Yoga practice you will learn all about its location, what it does, how it works, what makes it stick, and we will work to open and release it for more comfort in your...

  • Yinspired Yoga for Headaches, TMJ & Neck Knots

    Today's practice is a 40 min Yinspired Yoga practice focusing on headaches, TMJ (jaw), upper back, and neck knot release. We will use self-massage, myofascial release (tennis balls, block), yoga stretches, and Yin poses to release deep tension in the upper back, neck, jaw and temples. This is a...

  • Morning Wakeup Yoga Stretch in Bed

    Join me for this short little in bed morning stretch to unwind your body, bring fluidity to your joints, and connect to your feelings of gratitude - a BEAUTIFUL way to start your day with intention.

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | TMJ & Jaw Release

    If you are someone who holds tension in your jaw, suffers from tension headaches or grinds your teeth, you might need to release this area often. In this practice we open up the jaw, allow for natural release, make space and give ourselves a little facial massage.

  • Box Breath | Grounding Pranayama

    Ever heard of box breathing? It is actually just what it sounds like. Inhale for a count, hold for same count, exhale same, hold for same. It's a beautiful breath practice to use anytime you need to ground and settle - great for anxiety and panic attacks. In this practice we start with 4 coun...

  • Yin Yoga to Release the Old & Embrace the New

    Melding mantra, breath, mindfulness and hip focused Yin Yoga poses, we consciously let go of all that holds us back and embrace all that lies ahead. Deep hip opening practice!

    Props: 2 blankets OR beach towels (or pick up one here: http://amzn.to/2v0U0eh)