Lunar Cycles

Lunar Cycles

Meditation, Yin, Restorative, Flow practices to help bring balance and more awareness to the cycles of the moon. We follow the cycles of the moon to help set new intentions each month, evaluate for changes, feel gratitude, and release what isn't moving us forwards in our lives. Perfect for helping set monthly intentions and moving yourself forward through smaller, more attainable monthly goals!

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Lunar Cycles
  • New Moon Meditation + Journaling | Intentions

    The New Moon is a time of intention setting - determining what you want to create, express, or give flight to in your life this month. This meditation will help you ground and sense what matters to you most for this coming month. We will then briefly journal our thoughts and feelings and write ...

  • New Moon Yin Yoga | Setting Intentions

    Each New Moon, our energy naturally wanes and we find ourselves being more reflective, more introspective and needing more time to settle, ground, breathe and center. Yin is perfect for this. In this practice we hold our poses longer, focusing on the Liver meridian and forward folds. We set ou...

  • Yin Yoga Snack to Turn Inward & Soften | New Moon Practice

    Ready to unwind, release and soften? Join me for this 25 minute Yin Yoga Snack to release tension in the body, soften and breathe. A beautiful practice for turning inward and deeply resetting - giving you time and space for gentle self-reflection.

    This practice is dedicated to Jim for insp...

  • New Moon Cycle Journal Prompts

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    New Moon Cycle journal prompts to use with your practice or help you bring more clarity to your journal experience.

  • Waxing Moon Meditation + Journaling | Manifesting

    The waxing moon is a time of evaluating and reevaluating our steps to manifesting our dreams and intentions this lunar cycle. What steps are you taking? What action are you taking? Are these working? Do you need to adjust your intention to achieve a smaller aspect? Just like a flower, what d...

  • Waxing Moon Journal Prompts.png

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    Some ideas for journaling this month to explore how you can better manifest your monthly intentions.

  • Full Moon Meditation + Journaling | Gratitude

    As the full moon is in the sky you are feeling the highest point of your energy - the peak of energy in the lunar cycle. This is a wonderful time to look back over the month and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that you have in your life - sensing the "fullness" of your life. Joi...

  • Full Moon Journal Prompts.pdf

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    Some journaling ideas to help you look back over this lunar cycle and note changes as well as feel gratitude for all that has happened this cycle.

  • Waning Moon Yin Yoga | Letting Go

    The Waning Moon is the beginning of the downward turn of our energy and it is a time of release - letting go of whatever is holding you back so you can move forward at the New Moon. There is no better area to work with than the hips when it comes to letting go as the hips are dense with connecti...

  • Waning Moon Meditation + Journaling | Release

    The waning moon is a time of reassessing our month and sensing things we may need to let go and release before we can move forward in our life. As the predecessor to the New Moon where we set new intentions, this is the cycle where we release what no longer serves us so we can set new intentions...

  • Waning Moon Journal Prompts.png

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    Journal prompts for the waning moon cycle.