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ENVISION | 31 Day Practice Calendar Aug '20

ENVISION | 31 Day Practice Calendar Aug '20

World events come and go, people flow in and out of your life, life changes ebb and flow - but one thing remains constant...YOU. You choose. You choose every day in a million different ways how you will react, how you will live, how you will be. Will you allow the world to choose for you or will you embrace your own vision of what your BEST life will be?

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ENVISION | 31 Day Practice Calendar Aug '20
  • Yin Yoga Snack for Hips & Hamstrings

    Just a little practice to help release tension, open up the space and help you feel more mobile through the hips and hamstrings.

    Props: 1 blanket

  • Waxing Moon Yin Yoga | Action & Expression

    You have set your intentions for this lunar cycle during the New Moon and now your energy is rising, and you are ready to take action! Today we connect to our Solar Plexus Chakra to stimulate our personal will and to our Throat Chakra to express our authentic self.

    Using these two chakras, ...

  • Yin Yoga for Energy Balance

    If you need your energy balanced or just need a little energy boost, this class focuses on the Kidney & Bladder meridians - balancing and clearing your energy lines. Leg, hip and back opening. Enjoy!

    Props: 1 blanket (optional) OR beach towel (or pick up one here: an...

  • Core Inclusive | Yoga for Balance & Core Strength

    Core is more than just a six pack - core is 3 dimensional with a top and a canister! Our core does so much for us and in order to keep a strong lower back, healthy side body, and be mobile - we need to work with all aspects of the core.

    In this practice we will focus on the co...

  • Intermediate Yin Yoga for Legs & Hips

    Today's practice is focused on the lower body - going deeper into releasing the hips, quadriceps, and legs for more mobility and opening. This area is very connective tissue dense so these longer Yin holds are very effective in mobilizing the tissue. Enjoy!

    Props: 1 blanket (optional) OR be...

  • Yin Yoga for Insomnia, Sleeplessness & Anxiety

    Are you struggling with going to sleep, staying asleep or maybe you are struggling to get a deep sleep? This practice is a full body stretch to release tension with a focus on your breath and soothing your body and mind into a quieter state - helping you feel more relaxed and settled. Enjoy!

  • {Y}integration Yin Yoga | Aparigraha | Nonattachment

    We are to the final Yama on our journey into Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga - aparigraha or nonattachment. Keeping in mind all of the other Yamas - they all work together and support each other - we explore the idea of loosening our hold on expectations, things, beliefs, thoughts. We explore allow...

  • A Positive Mindset Meditation

    Whatever challenges you face in your life, setting yourself up for success can be tricky. Choosing affirmations and using those affirmations in your life and in your meditation/yoga practices can help you move forward with a positive attitude - helping you overcome obstacles to your happiness an...