ENERGY | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Mar. '22

ENERGY | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Mar. '22

Energy in our lives from how we manage our own personal mental, emotional and physical energy to how we use the energy in the world around us. How can we become better conservators of the energy and harness more of the green energy inherent in nature?

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ENERGY | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Mar. '22
  • Yoga Nidra | A Place to Rest

    Today we are working with a full yoga nidra practice to help us find a soft, quiet, safe place to rest. Join me for this breath awareness, full body scan, Sankalpa setting, visualization meditation and see how sweet yoga nidra can be.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Restorative Yoga with Affirmations

    The Solar Plexus Chakra is the seat of our personal power, our will, our sense of self confidence and the last of our lower chakras before we enter the gateway to the upper chakras. It is here we connect to the element of fire - finding a balance between over use of our personal power to the det...

  • Yoga Flow | Brahmacharya | Energy Management

    Each day we awaken we begin with new energy - what will we do with it, how will we use it, how long will it last, how do we conserve it for emergencies? Some will use all of their energy in a big outpouring and others will trickle it out as a precious resource and others will vary between one en...

  • Myofascial Release for Lower Leg & Foot Pain Relief

    If your job or lifestyle requires you to stand a lot - you know how painful the lower legs can get. This self massage practice is all about giving your lower legs some tender loving care to release tension and relieve pain and discomfort. Oh, and PJ the kitty will help us with some purring and ...

  • Detox Yoga Flow in 30 | Mindful Flow & Twists

    Today's practice is a full body 30 minute flow to wring the body out - releasing toxins - fire up your digestion, and strengthen your core. Great for all times of year when you need to detox and fire up your core. Enjoy!

  • Happy Hour Yin Yoga | REST

    If you day has been a full and very tiring one - maybe you had too much to do or too many tasks/meetings today - then this practice is for you. We stay on the floor, opening up the ENTIRE body but staying low, grounding, supported.

    Join me for Happy Hour to transition from your hectic day to a ...

  • Restorative Yoga | Breathe Deeply | Upper Back & Chest

    Opening up the chest, upper back, and side body can do wonders for our breath and our breath is pivotal in managing stress, releasing tension, energizing us, and allowing us to see our world with more focus and presence.

    Our practice today is focused on these specific areas - allowing our bodi...

  • Full Body Feel Good Yin Yoga

    While oftentimes Yin Yoga is intended to focus on specific areas or issues - sometimes it is just a vehicle to feel better in your body and fully stretch out. This practice stays on the floor but gets into every area of the body to release tension and bring a feeling of openness. Enjoy!


  • New Moon Live Yoga | Nurturing Positive Relationships

    We all come to relationships with some preconceived ideas and judgments based on our past experience. This history, although valid, is not always applicable to the person in front of you right here and right now. This new relationship will be burdened by the past from both participants; but, wh...

  • Restorative Yoga for Grief & Loss

    We all grieve in our own way and at our own pace and while we need time and space to allow the mind/body to heal, we can also help ourselves by engaging in practice like this one to fully support us and comfort us. Join me for this sweet breath practice, along with yoga poses focusing on softnes...

  • Setting Boundaries Meditation

    Every one of us wants to be the giver, the supporter, the one who is always there for those who need us but what about when we need to step back and conserve our energy for ourselves?

    Today we are working with building healthy, protective boundaries to honor our own need for self care and to h...

  • Sunrise Yin Yoga | Full Body Morning Yin Yoga

    The sun is rising and you want to start your day feeling calm, focused, and positive. This 30 minute Sunrise Yin Yoga practice is just what you need! Full body deep stretch focusing on the heart and hips to help you feel open, mobile, and uplifted for the day ahead. Join me!

    Props: 1-2 bla...

  • 💕 Heart Opening Slow Flow Yoga | Feel Good Flow

    Everyone could use a little heart opening, right? In this practice we focus on opening the chest, shoulders and upper back to breath more deeply, release tension and stress, and bring a smile to our faces (and hearts). Join me!

    Props: 2 blocks or large books (block:

  • Restorative Yoga for Fatigue | Revitalize & Restore

    Feel fatigued? Exhausted? Need a gentle, supported full body yoga practice to help restore, heal and revitalize you? Our 30 minute practice today is about helping the body settle into healing mode and letting the poses do ALL the work for YOU! Feel supported and release tension, stress and fa...