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EARTH | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '21

EARTH | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '21

Explore earth magic - all that comes from the natural organic world around us from trees to birds to mammals to flowers to human life...

Earth magic still exists for those who garden, growing plants, nourishing life, harmonizing with the birds/bees/animals of earth. We keep this magic alive through our daily connection to earth and nature and the respect for all life!

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EARTH | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '21
  • Lower Body Reboot Yin Yoga

    Ready to open up the ENTIRE lower body with this 30+ minute practice? We work from the toes and feet all the way up through the lower back and hips to make space, provide more mobility and help you feel more open!

    Props: optional blanket or beach towel

  • Yin Yoga for Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is hard whether it's a situation, a person, or even ourselves. There is anger and frustration, a holding onto the past, and the hurt feelings that accompany it all. Today we use mindful movement, breath and intention to help us process and release it all - opening ourselves and othe...

  • Yin Yoga for Joy | 💝 Heart Meridian

    We all want more joy in our lives and for most of us, the memory of joyous moments are big changes or large events. But what about the tiny little things of joy? What about cultivating an inner sense of joy and developing it so you have joy more often? What about finding the balance inside of ...

  • Mindful Flow for Balance | Full Body Yoga Flow

    Balance requires so many things to come together at once but there are ways to build strength and awareness so you can find better balance.

    We start with the 4 elements of good balance and work our way through some lesser known balancing poses along with some well known ones to become more a...

  • Yoga Nidra for Deep Restful Sleep

    Join me for this guided meditation including sensory and breath awareness, and an extended body scan to help you settle in for deep sleep. Set yourself up with blankets, pillows and turn off the lights to calm mind and body. Sleep well...

  • Root Chakra Yin Yoga Snack

    Sometimes what you need is a focused practice to reconnect to your Root Chakra and this is just that. We work with the Spleen/Stomach meridians to ground and connect you to your inner sense of stability. Affirmations included! Enjoy!

    Props: 2 blankets OR beach towels (blanket: http://amzn....

  • Restorative Yoga for Back Pain

    This practice is a short, gentle yoga practice using props to help the back release tension, relieve pain and gain more mobility in the back. Great for maintaining good back health!

    Props: 1 blanket OR beach towel (blanket: and 1 bolster or pillow (bolster: http://amzn...

  • Full Body Feel Good Yin Yoga

    While oftentimes Yin Yoga is intended to focus on specific areas or issues - sometimes it is just a vehicle to feel better in your body and fully stretch out. This practice stays on the floor but gets into every area of the body to release tension and bring a feeling of openness. Enjoy!


  • Core Inclusive | Yoga for Balance & Core Strength

    Core is more than just a six pack - core is 3 dimensional with a top and a canister! Our core does so much for us and in order to keep a strong lower back, healthy side body, and be mobile - we need to work with all aspects of the core.

    In this practice we will focus on the co...

  • Restorative Yoga for Hips & Lower Back

    Sometimes what you hips and lower back need are some TLC and this practice is definitely all about that. We use props to give us support and let the poses do ALL the work for us.

    Opening and release in the hips and lower back, healing, softness, and self care are what Restorative are all ab...