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CONNECTION | 28 Day Practice Calendar | Feb. '21

CONNECTION | 28 Day Practice Calendar | Feb. '21

Join me this month for a focused look at our relationships - our human connections - and how we can make those better, stronger and deeper. What do you want your social connections to look like ideally?

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CONNECTION | 28 Day Practice Calendar | Feb. '21
  • CONNECTION Journal Prompts

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    Exploring our connections to those around us - checking in to see how we can improve these connections, make new ones, and release others.

  • CONNECTION Practice Calendar | Feb. '21

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    Exploring our social and community connection...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Neck Knots

    Some days I wake up with a huge crick in my neck. Whether it be how I slept, something I did the day before, or just muscles getting cranky, a good stretch can do wonders for helping iron out the knots. Join me as we stretch the entire neck and give it a little mobility! No props required.

  • Yoga Snack for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

    Nobody likes a pain in the neck, right? How about a quick stretch for the upper back, neck and shoulders to release tension and relieve discomfort? Join me and feel better fast!

  • Yin Yoga Backbends | Deepening Your Experience

    I personally LOVE backbends - the energy, the feeling of joy, the opening, the release. Yin has some great poses to help you develop and deepen your backbend practice or simply find more opening, space and comfort in your back.

    In this practice we dive into opening the areas of the body mo...

  • Yoga for Lower Legs | Feet, Calves & Ankles

    Your lower legs support you all day long from the moment you step out of bed to the moment you slide back in. It's important to spend a little time each week stretching, rolling out and giving this area a little love and attention to promote good lower leg health as well as prevent pain and disc...

  • Morning Yin Yoga | Connect to Your Higher Self

    In this practice we focus on the Crown Chakra and our connection to our higher self - our inner self. We explore the upper body Pericardium/San Jiao meridians (those related to the Crown Chakra) with breath, intention and mindful movement. Deepen your inner connection before stepping into your ...

  • Restorative Yoga for Emotional Overwhelm

    So many things can happen to start a cascade of emotions flowing into our awareness. Sometimes we feel as if it's all closing in, flooding us and we need to slow down, breathe, and open up some space. This practice is mean to ground you, give you some soft, sweet rest to relax and restore. Tak...

  • {Y}ingenuity |Protector of the Heart | Pericardium Meridian

    The Pericardium protects the heart physically AND emotionally - regulating blood distribution, linking the sacral chakra to the heart chakra, and protecting the heart from excess/deficient emotional energies.

    In this practice we focus on the upper body - chest, inner arms, neck and upper back to...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Foot Care, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Care

    A little session that you can do while eating breakfast, watching tv or even at your desk to improve your arch, foot lift and integrity of the foot while releasing tension and providing relief for tired feet.

    Props: 1 tennis ball or golf ball (can be used cold for extra relief)

  • Yin Yoga Snack for Chest, Shoulders & Upper Back

    In today's Yin Yoga Snack we are focusing on opening the upper back, chest and shoulders for deeper breathing, tension release and stress relief. Many of us hold a lot of tension in these areas, restricting our breath and causing tension headaches. In under 12 minutes, we unwind it all! Enjoy!

  • Yin Yoga for Sore & Tired Bodies

    All of us face days where we feel sore and tired but we know if we just move a little - all while practicing self care and compassion - we could feel much, much better. This practice is all about honoring how you feel this moment while also allowing you to explore gentle, supported movements to ...

  • Quick Grounding Yoga Flow + Guided Meditation

    Everyone has days when you just don't have a lot of time - busy schedule, early morning demands or just feeling the pressure of things to get done. Even if you only have 15 minutes, you can ground, center, breathe, move and bring greater focus to your day with this 10 minute yoga flow and 5 minu...

  • Ujjayi Pranayama | Victorious Breath

    Ujjayi breath is the one most often used in flow classes to help connect breath and movement but it can also be used to calm and soothe you before sleep, take a refocus break and/or help you center yourself. Join me for this short practice and learn how this breath can really help you ground, se...

  • Yin Yoga RELEASE | Full Body Yoga

    Maybe you need to release body tension and tightness; maybe you need to release some thoughts and feelings you have been struggling with; maybe you need to release some ideas or people that no longer serve your higher growth and good. Whatever you need to release - join me for breath, mindful mo...

  • Restorative Yoga for Exhaustion & Stress

    Are you feeling exhausted and depleted? Then this practice is for you. Long holds of fully supported yoga poses with a focus on replenishing you energy and restoring you to balance.

    Props: 1 blanket OR beach towel (blanket: and 1 block or large book (block: http:/...

  • Yin Yoga for IT Bands & Legs {Runners, Cyclists, Athletes}

    This practice is for all of you out there with IT Band tightness and discomfort (like myself). Runners and cyclists often see this area tightening up and resulting in a very painful area that requires heavy rolling out and/or massage intervention. If you have tightness in this area, this practi...

  • Yoga Nidra for Balance & Acceptance

    If you have been feeling depleted, out of balance or overwhelmed and need some deep rest - join me for this guided body scan meditation and feel deeply restored.

    Yoga nidra is yogic sleep and is the state of putting the body to rest while keeping your mind alert. During this state your body h...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Midday Stretch at Your Desk

    You don't have to get on the floor or have a yoga mat to benefit from a midday yoga stretch! Just 10 minutes in your chair - breathe, stretch, release tension and refocus!

    Props: a chair!

  • Yin Yoga Chest & Shoulder Day | Upper Body Stretch

    Using Yin Yoga for a pre or post workout stretch can help with your workout and weight lifting as well as muscle recovery. It's the perfect between workout stretch to reduce soreness and develop flexibility too! Today we focus on the chest, shoulders, and upper back for a full upper body stretch...

  • Quick Yin Yoga Reboot for Adrenals | Energy Balancing

    Everyone struggles with unbalanced energy at some point but if you take a little time to practice some self care for your adrenals and kidneys, you can bring your energy back to balance. Today we are working with the kidneys/adrenals to help you release stress and tension and reboot your body. ...

  • Evening Pranayama for Deep Restful Sleep

    One of my favorite ways to settle in at night and prepare for deep, restful sleep is to practice pranayama while I am in bed. Regulating your breath can clear your energy, release tension and tightness throughout the body, help you settle into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and heal),...

  • Waxing Moon Flow | Focusing Energy

    Today we are working with the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras to help manifest our lunar cycle intention. During this phase of the moon we are feeling energy rise and we feel ready to take action to move our dreams forward. We will fire up the core (solar plexus chakra), and open up the throat ...

  • Soulful Rest Restorative Yoga | RECHARGE

    In this Soulful Rest practice we are focusing on the kidneys, adrenals and lymphatic system to bring greater balance to our energy, recharge energy as well as boost our immune system! Join me for deeply sweet, long held, super relaxing poses that you can melt into.

    Props: 1-2 blankets or beach...