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CONNECT | 30 Day Practice Calendar June '20

CONNECT | 30 Day Practice Calendar June '20

Nurture personal relationships and develop positive communication to build a support system of your own. This month we are working with personal relationships - with ourselves and with others and how we can develop the support system we need while supporting others equally.

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CONNECT | 30 Day Practice Calendar June '20
  • Yin Yoga for Self Love | Nourish Yourself | Earth Element

    Need a little self love - time to nourish yourself - to ground and connect to your inner earth element? This practice is meant to bring you back to center - to help you refill your cup and practice some self love.

    For those of us who are caretakers - people who constantly give of ourselves to...

  • Yin Yoga -The Art of Letting Go - Back Body Focus

    This 1 hour + Yin Yoga practice is all about surrender - release - letting go. Yin Yoga is the perfect way to practice releasing the things AND thoughts that no longer serve you, hold you back, or keep you from growing and moving on. Of course, letting go and surrendering is also physical so we ...

  • Myofascial Release for Mid Back Release

    Per request, this is a mid back and shoulder release for those sore, tight and tense areas of the shoulder blades (space around and between). Let's unwind the tension and free up this space!

    Props: 1 blanket or rolled up beach towel and 2 tennis balls/acupressure balls in a sock or bag to keep...

  • Yoga Nidra for Balance & Acceptance

    If you have been feeling depleted, out of balance or overwhelmed and need some deep rest - join me for this guided body scan meditation and feel deeply restored.

    Yoga nidra is yogic sleep and is the state of putting the body to rest while keeping your mind alert. During this state your body h...

  • Morning Yoga for Deep Hip Release | Yoga for Tin Men & Women

    Wake up with stiffness in the hips, lower back, and legs? If you wake up like Tin Men & Women, try this 30 min yoga practice for hips! We work mindfully, melding breath, longer holds, and lots of different poses to release the entire hip area. Perfect for the morning to free up the body for the...

  • CONNECT Journal Prompts

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    Journal prompts to help you explore your relationships and connections to yourself and others.

  • CONNECT Practice Calendar | June 2020

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    Practice calendar for Connect