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Summer Solstice Yin Yoga | Fire & Water in Balance

CONNECT | 30 Day Practice Calendar June '20 • 1h 7m

Up Next in CONNECT | 30 Day Practice Calendar June '20

  • Setting Boundaries Meditation

    Every one of us wants to be the giver, the supporter, the one who is always there for those who need us but what about when we need to step back and conserve our energy for ourselves?

    Today we are working with building healthy, protective boundaries to honor our own need for self care and to h...

  • Yin AM for Summer to Cool & Refresh

    If you have been feeling the heat or need to refresh, cool and feel uplifted - this practice is for you! We focus on opening the throat, chest, upper back and shoulders - heart & small intestine meridians - to balance your body and mind. This practice is about the heart chakra and opening our h...

  • Mindful Morning Yoga Flow for a Conne...

    Mindfully connecting to the present moment through breath and movement - this practice works to build strength, flexibility, and overall balance - mind and body. We use the breath as our guide to start our day off connected with an open body, mind and heart. Enjoy!

    Props: 1 block or large b...