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BELIEVE | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Dec '20

BELIEVE | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Dec '20

Can you connect to the magical all around you in your life? Your daily life is filled with magical moments and everyday magic. Can you be present and connect more deeply to bring more fulfillment and wonder into your life?

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BELIEVE | 31 Day Practice Calendar | Dec '20
  • Restorative Yoga for Fatigue | Revitalize & Restore

    Feel fatigued? Exhausted? Need a gentle, supported full body yoga practice to help restore, heal and revitalize you? Our 30 minute practice today is about helping the body settle into healing mode and letting the poses do ALL the work for YOU! Feel supported and release tension, stress and fa...

  • Yin Yoga for Hope | Full Body Practice

    Hope is sometimes challenging - it requires us to slow down, take a moment, and remember that hope isn't about what's going on around us or happening to us but it's the flame INSIDE of us.

    Hope, even though it exists in each of us, must be nourished and the flame protected and cared for. How ...

  • {Y}indulge Grace

    From my very first awareness of being, I have always been fascinated by the idea of grace. What does it mean? How do I live gracefully? How do I make myself open to grace? Where is grace?

    In this practice we explore what, where, and how Grace exists in our lives and reconnect to our inner ...

  • Flame of the Heart Meditation

    In the Yogic tradition we think of the heart as the space in the center of our chest and inside that space - a flame burning steadily, continuously, calmly. In this meditation we focus on the flame, explore it, bring steadiness to our breath, to our mind, to our body in order to connect to the s...

  • Happy Hour Yin Yoga | REST

    If you day has been a full and very tiring one - maybe you had too much to do or too many tasks/meetings today - then this practice is for you. We stay on the floor, opening up the ENTIRE body but staying low, grounding, supported.

    Join me for Happy Hour to transition from you hectic day to a r...

  • Yin Yoga for Overwhelm & Stress

    There are days when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious and those are the days when we need a calming, soothing, full body stretching yoga practice with LONG holds and DEEP breath focus. That is what this practice is - this practice has served me personally to soothe my wildly running tho...

  • Restorative Yoga for Holiday Stress

    Holidays, large events, parties, family gatherings - all wonderful but also very stressful! If you have been feeling the pressure of a large event coming soon, this under 30 min Gentle Restorative Yoga practice can help to ground, settle, heal and restore you both physically and mentally to bala...