ANIMALS | 30 Day Practice Calendar | Sept. '22

ANIMALS | 30 Day Practice Calendar | Sept. '22

How can we connect, protect, and live in harmony with our animal allies?

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ANIMALS | 30 Day Practice Calendar | Sept. '22
  • ANIMALS Practice Calendar | Sept. '22

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    Explore your relationship with animals and the lessons you can learn from them!

  • ANIMALS | Reflection Journal Prompts | Sept. '22

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    Explore animals and your relationship with them on a more spiritual level.

  • ANIMALS | Making A Difference | Sept. '22

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    What can you do to support animals in our world?

  • Minimal Cues Yin Yoga | EARTH Grounding

    Earth - late summer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, late summer is the time of the element Earth (spleen/stomach meridians). This is often a period of challenging transition as we leave summer with it's fiery energy and move into a more introspective, inner focused energy. Join me on the mat...

  • Waxing Moon Flow | Focusing Energy

    Today we are working with the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras to help manifest our lunar cycle intention. During this phase of the moon we are feeling energy rise and we feel ready to take action to move our dreams forward. We will fire up the core (solar plexus chakra), and open up the throat ...

  • Restorative Yoga for Season Change | Detox & Digest

    Every season there is a transition period between one season and the next. Our bodies know it is coming, but with technology and our present lifestyles - this transition can seem anything but natural.

    If your digestion has been a little off, your mind scattered, and you feel ungrounded - th...

  • Yoga Stretches for Rotator Cuff Strength & Mobility

    Rotator cuff injuries are one of the top injuries as we age - whether it be because of overuse, changing bone structures, or hauling a suitcase overhead (and yes, I know some who have injured it exactly like this). To protect our shoulders, we can build some basic movements into our lives to mai...

  • Yin Yoga Snack for Shoulders & Upper Back

    In today's Yin Yoga Snack we are focusing on opening the upper back, chest and shoulders for deeper breathing, tension release and stress relief. Many of us hold a lot of tension in these areas, restricting our breath and causing tension headaches. In under 12 minutes, we unwind it all! Enjoy!

  • Bhramari Breath | Humming Bee Pranayama

    Bhramari breath - or humming bee breath - is one of the most fun pranayama practices and one that can help clear the throat chakra and release tightness in the chest. I have often used this breath with children and they always love it so if you want to share this with someone - please do!


  • A Yinspired Morning 🌞 | Full Body Yin Yoga Flow Fusion

    Who doesn't want to have an inspired day? An inspired day begins with a Yinspired morning! Blending Yin Yoga poses and mindful flow, we open the entire body, lift the heart and inspire a beautiful day! Be Yinspired today with this full body yoga fusion!

    Props: 1 blanket OR beach towel (blan...

  • Oh My Hammies! | Slow Flow Yoga for Hamstrings

    Oh those hamstrings! They are one of the most challenging parts of the body - tight, overstretched, tense. Tight or overly loose hamstrings can cause back pain, hip pain and prohibit (pain) free movement! In this slow flow yoga practice we work mindfully to mobilize AND strengthen the hamstrin...

  • Metta for One | Loving Kindness Meditation

    Metta or loving kindness meditation is a beautiful way to open your heart, give yourself and the world some compassion and kindness. In this meditation we focus on healing ourselves first - offering ourselves love, acceptance, and compassion - so that we can fill our cup to share with others. J...

  • Restorative Yoga for SI Joint & Low Back Pain Care

    Restorative Yoga can be a beautifully supportive and healing practice when you are struggling with an SI Sacroiliac joint flareup and/or lower back pain and can aid you in recovery. As someone who has struggled with SI joint issues for over 10 years, this is a go to practice to release and allow...

  • Third (3rd) Eye Chakra Yin Yoga | Intuition

    Whether it be life, stress, circumstances, seasons - sometimes we feel a disconnect to our inner guide - our intuition. When this happens we can feel disoriented, unable to focus, and struggle with seeing our way forward.

    Join me for a practice focused on bringing you back to your intuition -...

  • Calming Yoga for Empaths | Anxiety & Stress Relief

    As an empath, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the energy of the room, of others, and of the world. When feelings become intense, empaths need to slow down, ground, and mindfully practice self care to support themselves.

    This ground bound practice incorporates meditation, breath, slow and...

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | TMJ & Jaw Release

    If you are someone who holds tension in your jaw, suffers from tension headaches or grinds your teeth, you might need to release this area often. In this practice we open up the jaw, allow for natural release, make space and give ourselves a little facial massage.

  • Nadi Shodhana A | Beginner Pranayama Practice

    Nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing is one of the most effective pranayama techniques and can be used by everyone, anytime, all of the time to bring balance and steadiness to your mind and body. If you have practiced this before and found it a bit challenging, this practice is here to h...

  • Quick Yin Yoga Reboot for Adrenals | Energy Balancing

    Everyone struggles with unbalanced energy at some point but if you take a little time to practice some self care for your adrenals and kidneys, you can bring your energy back to balance. Today we are working with the kidneys/adrenals to help you release stress and tension and reboot your body. ...

  • Restorative Yoga for Fatigue | Revitalize & Restore

    Feel fatigued? Exhausted? Need a gentle, supported full body yoga practice to help restore, heal and revitalize you? Our 30 minute practice today is about helping the body settle into healing mode and letting the poses do ALL the work for YOU! Feel supported and release tension, stress and fa...

  • ANIMALS | Intro to Animals | Protecting & Learning From

    Animals are spiritual and physical allies on earth - embodiments of ideas, traits, styles of living - that we can look to include in our lives. Animals can teach us so much about ourselves, our lives, our world if we would only listen. A squirrel can show us how to play more, a bumblebee can sh...

  • Morning Yoga for Deep Hip Release | Yoga for Tin Men & Women

    Wake up with stiffness in the hips, lower back, and legs? If you wake up like Tin Men & Women, try this 30 min yoga practice for hips! We work mindfully, melding breath, longer holds, and lots of different poses to release the entire hip area. Perfect for the morning to free up the body for the...

  • We Are All Made of Stars | New Moon Live Yin Yoga

    We are made of stars. The elements of the universe, exploding stars from millions of years ago, are all contained in our bodies. We breath the breath of the sun and her sister stars. We contain the universe within. Today we explore the universe inside as it connects us to the larger macrocosm...

  • Standing Yoga Flow | Earth Element

    Our practice today is focused on earthing - using our connection to the earth through our feet to feel stable, nourished, connected so we can grow upwards and reach our faces to the sun...just like a sunflower! No chaturanga, no wrist weight bearing, no step throughs...just simple, slow, breath ...

  • Morning Wakeup Yoga Stretch in Bed

    Join me for this short little in bed morning stretch to unwind your body, bring fluidity to your joints, and connect to your feelings of gratitude - a BEAUTIFUL way to start your day with intention.