AIR | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '22

AIR | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '22

Air, breath, prana, space, ether - we don't think much about it but it is our life blood. We cannot live without air. It is all around us, in us, supporting us, cushioning our fall, lifting us up, and grounding us all at once. Air is the magical element of newness, spring, and the east. What is your relationship with the energy of air?

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AIR | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '22
  • Get Twisty Yin Yoga Snack | Digestive Boost | Detox

    Join me for some deep twists to unwind tension, release your whole body, and boost digestion. Great for when you need a little break or before/after your regular yoga/workout/sport for a quick and focused practice booster. Perfect anytime of day!

  • Pranayama | Fullness of the Breath

    The lungs are much larger than we often explore in our daily breath. Often we breathe into just one side or the other more or we breathe into the center of the chest and not the side body.

    In this practice we will explore compartments of the breath, focusing on areas one at a time then altogeth...

  • Myofascial Release for Feet and Ankles

    Our feet take us everywhere we need to go and connect us to earth - so when they get tired, sore, and feel achy - your feet deserve a little love and care! Join me for a focused self foot and ankle massage to release tension in your feet and ankles and feel lighter on your feet (and more mobile!...

  • Restorative Yoga for the Waning Moon

    As we enter the waning moon, our energy naturally begins to turn downward and inward as we prepare to release whatever is holding us back from moving forward positively in our lives. Preparing for the New Moon cycle and new intentions, we find ourselves focusing more internally on what needs to ...

  • New Moon Live Yoga Flow | Opening to Magic

    Magic is all around us, in everything we do, we see, we experience. And magic is IN us. Most importantly - our very breath is magic. Open your heart and mind to the magic/miracles/divine in your life!

    I am magical, miraculous, and divine.

    Poem: Miracle Fair by Wislawa Szymborska

    Meditation ...

  • Full Body Yin Yoga @ the Wall

    Join me at the wall as we use a prop everyone has to ground, center, and explore depth in our practice. Full body practice - upper and lower body included. Enjoy a bit of Lucy and stay to the end for an extra....

    Props: a wall and optional blanket/towel (blanket:

  • Fiercer Kinder Wiser Meditation

    In our lives there are times, situations, relationships in which we could apply a little more fierceness, kindness and wisdom. Join me in this meditation where we take a look at some instances in our life right now where being a little fiercer, being a little kinder, and/or being a little wiser ...

  • Sunrise Full Body Yoga Flow

    If you need a little mobilizing full body yoga flow to start your day right, then this 20 minute flow is for you! We move the entire body through held poses with focus on the breath. Great for when you first wake up or whenever you need a short, focused practice to restart.

  • Ujjayi Pranayama | Pranayama Practice

    Ujjayi breath is the one most often used in flow classes to help connect breath and movement but it can also be used to calm and soothe you before sleep, take a refocus break and/or help you center yourself. Join me for this short practice and learn how this breath can really help you ground, se...

  • Yin Yoga for Anger & Frustration

    Everyone believes anger is a bad thing but in reality, it's a natural part of our human psyche. Instead of pushing it down, pretending it isn't there, ignoring it - anger is often a great way to explore, experience, and make positive change.

    Today we explore anger through the Liver meridian (th...

  • Intro To REDUCE | Less is More

    In this intro we explore the different ways we can see reducing can help support our personal, emotional/mental lives AND the way it can work into our living on this earth. Join me for this little chat, get some ideas, and be creative on how you can REDUCE...

  • Yoga Flight Prep | Upper Body Strength & Mobility

    Every baby bird knows that s/he needs to build strength and mobility his/her wings PRIOR to flight. The human "wings" are no different. If you are someone who uses your arms a lot, suffers from wrist pain or weakness or is interested in building strength in your "wings" for arm balances - this ...

  • Restorative Yoga for Hormone Balance

    The endocrine system has many little glands all throughout the body that secrete hormones that regulate our blood pressure, our heart rate, our temperature, our sleep cycle, our response to stress. Bringing balance to this system and maintaining that balance can do SO much for our daily health a...