AIR | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '22

AIR | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '22

Air, breath, prana, space, ether - we don't think much about it but it is our life blood. We cannot live without air. It is all around us, in us, supporting us, cushioning our fall, lifting us up, and grounding us all at once. Air is the magical element of newness, spring, and the east. What is your relationship with the energy of air?

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AIR | 30 Day Practice Calendar | April '22
  • AIR Practice Calendar | April '22

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    Exploring the element of AIR!

  • AIR Reflection Journal Prompts | April '22

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    Journal prompts to help you explore the element of air physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • AIR | Making a Difference | April '22

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    Ideas to inspire you...

  • The Unseen One | AIR

    Air - it's absolutely vital to our entire planet to thrive and survive and it is all around us. It's the speed of thought, the energy of new beginnings, the music we hear, the space we see through, and the sweet force that holds us in it's embrace. Come - explore AIR with me and how YOU can hel...

  • Befriending the Breath | Pranayama Practice

    The breath is always with us - no matter where we go, what is going on. Today we explore the 3 part breath in more detail with a kinesthetic or "touch" approach to build more awareness and connection. Open up your breath, find more space and discover your natural tendencies in this guided pract...

  • Yin AM for Happy Hamstrings

    Today's Yin AM practice focuses on the hamstrings. Sometimes, what feels like hamstring tightness can be calves or lower back or some blend of all three. In this practice we use long holds to release and open all three of these areas finding more mobility, flexibility and comfort. Use in the m...

  • Morning Meditation for a Positive Day | Little Ray of Sunshine

    In this practice I share my personal morning meditation and mantra - the practice that sets the mood for my day and brings light into my life no matter what. Join me for this short and focused little "Ray of Sunshine" meditation.

  • Sweet Grounding Yoga + Body Scan

    Whenever you feel disconnected, overwhelmed, tired or restless - this practice is for you! Ground bound, earth centered poses followed by a full body scan to help you get out of your head and into your body - bringing balance to mind, body, and spirit.

  • Myofascial Release for Hamstrings & Lower Back

    If you hamstrings are super tight then this self massage practice is for you! Perfect for post workout rolling out or preworkout opening OR just to get some mobility in your lower back and hamstrings. Join me!

    Props: 2 tennis balls or acupressure balls (Tune up balls:

  • Restorative Yoga Snack for Back Pain Relief

    Sometimes you just need long held, supported Restorative Yoga to help bring yourself back to balance. Today we practice heart opening/chest opening with a supported (Bridge Pose) back bend and an inversion (feet up the wall). Great for rebalancing after or during travel or at the end of a long ...

  • Yin Yoga for Deep Sleep | Heart Meridian

    Our heart meridians are connected to our ability to sleep deeply, fully and soundly - to essential rest peacefully. When this organ system is out of balance - we feel overstimulated, cravings, longing and struggle to settle down. When in balance - we feel joy, peace, stillness, calm, compassion...

  • Yoga Nidra Freedom

    Yoga nidra is a powerful way to set an intention and energize it with your breath. In this practice, we use breath, body awareness, set our Sankalpa/intention, and deepen our inner awareness of our true, divine self.

    Make yourself as comfortable as you can with props, blankets, pillows, and set...

  • Restorative Yoga for Deep Relaxation

    30 minutes to feel deeply relaxed and supported with this Restorative yoga practice. We use home props for this practice and sink into some long holds with support - helping release all the tension of the day!

  • Nadi Shodhana C | Alternate Nostril Breathing | Pranayama

    Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing is one of the most usable pranayamas to learn and one you can explore, build on, and enjoy daily/year round. Today we are working with Nadi Shodhana C which may have been what you have experienced before as alternate nostril breathing. We will explor...

  • 15 Min Back Yoga Flow | 4 Movements of the Spine

    Ready to flow? Join me for this mindful flow focused on moving the spine in all different directions: lateral, forward fold, back bend and twist. Build a little heat and some strength throughout the body in a full body flow!

  • Crown Chakra Yin Yoga Snack

    The crown chakra is all about connecting to the universal - knowing that we are not alone and we are supported by and part of all living beings. This higher consciousness helps us feel connected and supported all while we support and contribute to the whole as well.

    Join me today as we explor...

  • Pranayama | Presence in the Pause

    At the beginning/end of each inhale and exhale there is a natural, organic pause - a gap - a still point. In this practice we explore that gap, lengthening it, feeling into it and discovering what this feels like for mind and body.

  • Breath of Life PRANA | Dharma Chat

    How does air, prana, vyoman, breath figure into our lives? What does it feel like to be fully present with the breath, with air and with the embrace and nourishment of this vital substance?

    Resources: The Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche AND To Bless This Spac...

  • Restorative Yoga for Season Change | Detox & Digest

    Every season there is a transition period between one season and the next. Our bodies know it is coming, but with technology and our present lifestyles - this transition can seem anything but natural.

    If your digestion has been a little off, your mind scattered, and you feel ungrounded - th...

  • 🌺 Yin Yoga for Spring 🌿| Open to Change

    The winter is coming to a close and our bodies and minds are ready to spring forth - new beginnings, new ideas, new pathways. In this practice we focus on opening ourselves to the potential and tap into our natural rising energy while helping detox the body through the liver/gallbladder meridian...

  • Yin Yoga | The Way Out Is In | Full Body Practice

    "The way out is in." Thich Nhat Hanh

    This is a powerful quote taken from a speech made by Hanh and while it was in a speech related to environmental issues, it holds SO much more.

    The answers are inside of us, we begin with ourselves first, know our inner self, explore our inner landscape. Al...

  • Lions Breath | Pranayama for Release

    I know - many of us have seen Lion's Breath and maybe even practiced it before and perhaps - we felt a bit silly doing it. That's okay - feel silly. Embrace the fun in this pranayama and release tension from the face, neck and jaw - helping release the throat as well!

  • First Aid Yoga Kit | Midday Stretch at Your Desk

    You don't have to get on the floor or have a yoga mat to benefit from a midday yoga stretch! Just 10 minutes in your chair - breathe, stretch, release tension and refocus!

    Props: a chair!

  • Grounding & Centering Meditation | Anxiety & Stress Relief

    Anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm - we all experience them from time to time. For me, focusing on breath, connecting to earth and feeling stable are pivotal in helping me move through periods of stress. In today's meditation, we take some time to explore our breath, connect physically to our bo...